Sweet white cat dominates the dogs on her trips around London

This sweet and beautiful all-white cat dominates and terrorises the dogs that she meets on her trips around London with her human caregiver Trevor Nelson. She does it with her aggression. Who said that dogs chase cats? Who’s the boss when there is a dog and a cat at home? I think that the classic scenario of dog chasing cat simply isn’t true, certainly when you see this video on TikTok from Trevor Nelson who now lives in London.

Nelson has a TikTok account and films his exploits when he bravely, and adventurously takes his cat Sigrid around London on his bike. And when he stops, he allows Sigrid to interact with dogs resulting in the inevitable hiss from Sigrid and the equally inevitable dog running away in sheer terror ?.

I’m sure that this is not always the outcome but it seems to me that Sigrid rules the roost in London.

Trevor Nelson is originally from San Francisco. He had a job as a director of data at a finance company. He lost that job during the height of the Covid pandemic. Adventurously Nelson, 45, decided to take Sigrid around London on his bike and capture the whole thing on his GoPro, which I think is a brilliant idea provided there are no unforeseen accidents which seem likely to happen.

I don’t think I would be able to do this with my cat but apparently it is possible without a disaster happening.

Note: This is a video from another website which is embedded here. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Sigrid has been leash trained since she was a kitten. Nelson thought it was a perfectly good idea to pop Sigrid in his basket on his bike and go on trips around London. Sigrid seems to hate dogs!

What is apparent to me is that Sigrid always dominates the dogs. Does this always happen? Sigrid is 4.5 years old and it doesn’t make any difference to her whether she confronts a large or small dog. She is aggressive towards them and takes a swipe at them. They normally backdown it seems to me.

Nelson said about Sigrid’s behaviour:

Well she loves to hunt birds and squirrels. Other cats are the worst though, they really upset her. She gets very growly and upset, not even hissing so much. I think it’s a territorial thing.

Well, it’s completely normal to hunt and to dislike cats. That is certainly a territorial issue which is entirely to be expected. Nelson says that she doesn’t always hiss. It depends on her mood and the behaviour of the dog. But Nelson agrees that “She really hates dogs, that’s for sure”.

Nelson wants to reassure us that we are just seeing one side of Sigrid. He said that: “She’s normally pretty relaxed actually, I mean you can see in the videos almost nothing bothers her.”

It’s just that she “really, really hates dogs for some reason. With dogs she just kind of puts them in their place, with cats she really gets upset, trembling, growling et cetera”.

Sigrid, as you might expect, is a popular video celebrity on TikTok. What I take away from the videos other than the amusement of it is that Sigrid, a fluffy and beautiful all-white cat completely dominates dogs of her size on the streets of London. Would you have the courage to take your cat out like this in a heavily urbanised area meeting dogs?

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