Synchrony in human hand and feline paw

Synchrony between feline paws and human hand
Synchrony between feline paws and human hand
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The best human-to-cat relationships have a lot of synchrony in their rhythms and routines. In this instance the synchronicity between feline paws and human hand. And the trigger, as we can see, is the belly rub. Domestic cats tend to dislike being petted on the belly but it depends on the individual. In fact it is probably fair to say that domestic cats accept it and like it provided you introduce the petting gently if the cat is particularly sensitive towards it. I think essentially they like it. It is just that some cats are a bit nervous about it or it triggers an play/fight response which humans need to avoid.

I think, too, that you can extend the idea of synchrony to the routines and rhythms that both cat caretaker and cats enjoy together. I think that in the best homes the cat’s guardian and the cat integrate their movements and their activities in what becomes a well rehearsed rhythm. I also believe that cats like this. They find this daily dance between person and cat to be reassuring. Life becomes predictable for them. Cats don’t like unpredictability. And I think this is partly because – and I do keep saying this – they can sometimes find the human world a little bit stressful. It is up to owners to combat this possibility through excellent caretaking and, as mentioned, creating these rhythms or synchronicity.


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