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How should I pet my cat?

Do all domestic cats like to be petted?

Individual cats will have their own response to being petted and not all domestic cats like to be petted to the same extent. I think that we have to remind ourselves that people pet...

Cheetah getting an ear rub petting session

Get your cat’s PURR-MISSION!

Getting your cat’s purr-mission is simply another way of being sensitive to your cat’s desires and requirements – understanding feline behavior. I like the idea, though, of asking your cat for permission or consent...

Synchrony between feline paws and human hand

Synchrony in human hand and feline paw

  The best human-to-cat relationships have a lot of synchrony in their rhythms and routines. In this instance the synchronicity between feline paws and human hand. And the trigger, as we can see, is...

How should I pet my cat?

How should I pet my cat?

You should pet your cat with sensitivity, respect and in a limited way. Although domestic cats generally like the same areas to be petted, each individual has their natural limit to how much they...

Kissing your cat

Do cats know what kisses are?

Domestic cats don’t understand the full range of meanings of human kisses as humans do. For humans the kiss has considerable significance. There are a lot of connotations and underlying meanings. In fact the...

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