Why do cats scratch some owners more than others?

Stress and irritability can lead to more cat scratches

I’d like to focus on one aspect of cat caregiving and a vital one. There is no doubt that a small percentage of cat owners are scratched by their cat not infrequently while other cat owners are hardly ever scratched. We don’t have percentages as there is no data on this. Socialised and healthy …

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Can domestic cats become spoilt and difficult?

Spoilt cat

Is it possible to spoil a cat as you can with a human? I believe it is. And if I’m correct it normally affects their eating habits. This is how you might spoil your cat to the point where they become picky about the food they want to eat. You treat your cat occasionally. …

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What sort of human personality does a domestic cat prefer?

My cat snuggling up to me on my dressing gown

I want to try and get into the head of domestic cats and ask what sort of human personality type they prefer in a caregiver. There’s been quite a lot of discussion about the personality of a typical ‘cat person’. They are said to be “graceful, subtle, independent, intelligent, thoughtful and mysterious” in one …

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Human behaviour beneficial to cats

How should I pet my cat?

I think it useful to remind ourselves of the sort of human behaviour that is beneficial to our cat. Perhaps it is common sense but even commonsense thoughts need to be reinforced. Generally aversive human behaviors With respect to livestock, research has identified that the most aversive human behaviours towards domestic animals includes: hits, …

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Infecting your cat with stress through pandemic upheaval

Julia Bramble and Smudge

The Covid pandemic caused upheaval in the lives of cat caregivers; both at the beginning, during it and at the transition coming out of it. Each stage of the pandemic resulted in change to the lifestyles of cat owners. And any change to a domestic cat’s environment is likely to cause stress in the …

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Someone asked: why does my cat sulk when I scold him?

Anxious cat because of shouting

I’d like to discuss the question, “Why does my cat sulk when I scold him?” I think that the question is full of misconceptions and is wrong in many ways. Firstly, in my experience cats don’t sulk. To sulk is to be silent, morose and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment. It’s the kind …

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Working at home with your cat? Anxious about returning to the office?

Male cat has enjoyed the company of his human companion Stacey Myers but soon it will be over

You’ve had more time than you could ever imagine sitting at your desk in your home office doing the work that you would have done at ‘the office’, and with you a lot of the time has been your cat companion. He has interrupted you at inopportune moments because he thinks your desk is …

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