Thai Cat Club

Thai Cat Club

by Nathalie Thai

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Russian club of Thai cat breeders. -- Hi, I'm Michael and I'd like to add a few words of my own to your short submission, for which I thank you. This is to make sure it gets noticed by Google. I just read your website's article on the differences between the Thai and Modern Siamese. Well, I call the Siamese cat illustrating your site's article a Modern Siamese but some people just call them Siamese.

I note the major difference, which seem to be the nose break, ear size, head shape, body shape and leg length. There is no nose break on the Modern Siamese while the Thai has a more normal nose break. The ears are bigger on the Siamese and the body more foreign and rangy. Is that correct?

I think I'll return to your site... Michael. PS sorry I hijacked your submission but I had to to make it work better. Great picture though. Thanks again for dropping by. PPS I turned your website's URL into a link by the way.

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