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Tortie Cat and Cuddly Parrot — 7 Comments

  1. Do you know who took this photograph of the calico cat and the parrot? I would love to use this picture, but need to contact the person who photographed it first.

    • Hi Cameron. I always provide a photo credit so the fact that I haven’t in this case is because I judged it to be in the public domain. I don’t know who took it but what I’d do is to Google search for “Pinterest cat parrot” – you should get taken to the photo on Pinterest and from there trace it back to the photographer (maybe!). Good luck.

  2. Beautiful picture. I would never attempt to click such a picture of my cats along with my Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo”.Both my cats are very aggressive, especially tomcat matata and would tear apart the bird although they have been living in the same house .My house is like a mini zoo. Whenever i eaercise “Mittoo” in the gallery i lock the door, hence sperating both the cats.Strangely, my previous albino /siameese mix cat “Trixie”(1995-2007) was never aggressive towards “Mittoo” and i would daily release mittoo from his cage from where he would fly onto my late Dad’s shoulder and walk over to him. I find it strange that traditional Persian cats are hyper aggressive as are my two cats.They definitely do not fit the stereotype of the lapcat.

    • Perhaps the idea that Perians are sweet, laid back fluffy lapcats is a but stereotypical. Persians are still typical cats and cats are superb predators.

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