F1 Savannah Cats and Serval at Home

A series of exotic Savannah cat pictures. I believe that all the Savannahs are F1s (first filial or the offspring of a serval father and domestic cat mother). Therefore they are very impressive and large domestic cats that look similar to the wild cat serval.

You will also see a tame serval. The home belongs to Jean Pierre. I don’t know much else except for the obvious. The pictures were taken by Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs. I presume A1 Savannahs raised these cats.

The pictures have been on my computer for a while. Although I have published some others in the series some time ago.

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They are rather amazing pictures because Jean’s home is very much in tune with the appearance of the cats. These exotic cats fit in beautifully. I am sure that was partly behind the decision to purchase these cats.

I realize that is not a great reason to adopt a cat. I am sure that it was not the only reason even if it was partly the reason. However, they look truly loved and well cared for. I am sure Mr Pierre loves cats and has the time, money and facilities to care for these quite exceptional and slightly demanding cats, extremely well. You have to be a certain sort of person to do it.

4 thoughts on “F1 Savannah Cats and Serval at Home”

  1. Such beautiful cats and like Marc I hope they have some freedom to enjoy being outside in the grass and sun, I hate the thought of any cat being deprived of his/her natural life even though I do know it’s necessary in some places.

  2. Amazing cats. I’d love to have a couple of them, but my genuine Turkish Angora conservation project is a full time job.

  3. Beautiful cats – I hope they can go outside and wander around in a closed off large area. I don’t like the statue of the man holding a hunting rifle – this man looks to be a descendant of a familly who colonised some african country for example. All that stuff in his place clearly comes down through the generations of his family – I assume he didn’t buy it all.

    I hope they can go outside not on a leash – that’s all. One hectare would be perfect, with large fence all the way around like cat house on the kings – and not all manicured land either – plent of brush and growth and trees and places for the to run and hide and pounce.

    Then it’s ok – in my opinion. He looks like he could easily have such a setup.

    • Yes, couldn’t agree more. I don’t know the circumstances. I hope there is some outside space and naturalness, provided it is completely safe. For me, that is far more important than anything else.


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