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True or false: ‘Indoor only’ pets don’t get fleas and therefore don’t need a flea preventative — 4 Comments

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  2. It is completely false to think indoor only cats cannot get fleas. If you also have indoor/outdoor or outdoor only pets at your home then those indoor only cats could get fleas. Fleas do not need a pet to carry them into a house. Fleas can catch a ride on shoes, clothing, toys, anything that has made contact with the outside. Stray animals running thru your yard can leave behind fleas or ticks. Visitors to your home could bring in fleas. Field mice, and rats, usually have fleas. Having a neighbor that doesn’t maintain their yard can bring in mice and then fleas. There are many ways indoor only pets can get fleas. If you have indoor only cats and don’t have fleas be thankful but not uneducated on the fact that fleas could be introduced into the home at any point in time.

  3. People walk in fleas! Nasty people 😉 Sometimes cats who go outside all day don’t get fleas. At the moment my cat is in that category. I am surprise. He meets other cats and eats mice. He’s never had fleas. I check all the time.

    Once there are fleas in the home they can be hard to get rid of. I favour hard floors. Definitely hard floors. Much better to avoid fleas.

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