Truly Unique Interspecies Friendship – Domestic Cat and Owl

Cat and owl are close friends
Cat and owl are close friends. Playing in a charming manner.
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Please watch this to the end. There are some amazing interactions between cat and owl. They have both modified their behavior somewhat to interact so well and intimately: the owl walking a lot and the cat jumping up and climbing trees to get to his owl buddy.

This is the Google translation!:

…ego has not yet seen. Example truly unique interspecies friendship – we check that it is not far-fetched to introduce you to determine Fum and Gebra

Not a great translation. This is Bing’s translation (better):

Have not yet seen. An example of a really unique friendship that check-yourself interspecies is not far fetched to determine;-) We present you the Fum and Gebrę;-)

This a Polish video so the friendship is in Poland. I am not sure if Fum is the cat and Gebre is the owl.

My interpretation of the Google translation is this:

This is a truly unique interspecies friendship between an owl and a black cat in which both have put away any stereotypical responses that they may have had such as the cat preying on the owl. This was probably because they grew up together on a farm. When animals grow up together they become totally socialised to each other and that process buries any predatory instincts or fear that one may have for the other.

Other examples of interspecies friendships on this site are:

Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat comes to mind. My thanks to Harvey for finding this video.

7 thoughts on “Truly Unique Interspecies Friendship – Domestic Cat and Owl”

  1. aww best friends so lovely seeing a pic like this its great. Its great when animals can learn to get along together. how lovely

  2. I never get tired of these. These two are simply delightful. You never know what makes two very different creatures make friendships. Maybe it has something to do with reincarnation. Old friends, coming back as a different species, but finding their pals. I keep watching the back, waiting for Yellow to come back to Shadow. I’ve never known a more intimate, dedicated friendships as theirs.

    • They are the best videos. They seem to be saying something far more important than simply that animals of different species can get along. They seem to be indicating that there is a better way to live on this planet. You couldn’t get two more disparate species of animal forming such a beautiful friendship.

  3. I had a Cocker Spaniel who lived with a goat. Male dog and female goat. They slept together on top of a big doghouse when it was warm. When cold or rainy they slept in the doghouse. Goat didn’t eat dog food and dog didn’t eat goat food. The night before we had to have Bama euthanized he lay outside the doghouse and the goat lay right beside him. I think she knew he was dying. I wasn’t into taking pics back then.


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