Pointless task in listing all the species of animal that the domestic cat eats

Domestic cat predation

The New Scientist reports on a group of scientists who are drawing up a comprehensive list of all the animals that the domestic cat eats. So far, their list contains 2048 species made up of “981 birds, 463 reptiles, 431 mammals – including humans – 119 insects, 57 amphibians and another 33 species belonging …

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Leave alone found small wild cat kittens and don’t try and turn them into domestic cats

Bobcat kittens

Very occasionally, you can read a story on the Internet about a person finding a wild cat kitten (cub). In America, this might more typically be a bobcat kitten. It might appear to the person that the kitten’s mother has abandoned her offspring. She takes in the kitten because she wants to do the …

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All domestic cats should be selectively breed. Discuss.

Our desired cat

You can categorise domestic cats two ways: purebred and random bred. The default category is random bred. There are far more random bred cats than there are purebred cats. Random bred cats procreate when not sterilised under the process of natural selection. This means that the cats decide with whom to mate. In the …

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Male and female rural domestic cats behave somewhat like lions

Cat queens mutual support and cooperation

A couple of scientific reports indicate to me that when the domestic cat is left to their own devices such as in rural locations e.g. as barn cats, their behaviour is very similar to that of lions living in the African Serengeti. People think of lion pride behavior as unique in the cooperation between …

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The social function of tail up in domestic cats

Feral cat greeting

Introduction: This article on the social function of tail up in domestic cats is based a scientific research paper of very similar title prepared by S.Cafazzo and E.Natoli. and which was published on the internet by Science Direct. The right to read the entire document was purchased by me. It is a summarized version …

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How long are cats pregnant? It varies depending on the species.

Pregnant cat

How long are cats pregnant? The answer depends on the type of cat. Here is a graph showing the domestic cat and some wild cats, medium and large and the differences in length of pregnancy: And here is the same information presented in the form of a table: Cat Ave. Length of Pregnancy (days) …

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What cats live in groups? 3 felids do it.

Cheetah brothers contemplate crossing swollen river

Domestic and feral cats sometimes live in groups and the lion, a big cat, lives in groups (prides). These are not the only two cat species who live in groups as male cheetahs also form coalitions. Domestic and feral cats Domestic cats often live solitary lives and they’re considered to be solitary animals but …

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Stop your cat waking you at night as per Jackson Galaxy

Ignore your cat's advances at 3 AM to help alter her rhythms

Are you one of those people who strongly disapproves of your cat waking you up at night? You might even lock your cat out of the bedroom. You believe that domestic cats are entirely nocturnal and therefore their body clock drives them to be active at night and passive and sleepy during the day …

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