Twin Persian Cats

by Sally Cowan
(St. Augustine, Fl)

Trevor and Tory

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Trevor and Tory

Trevor and Tory are identical twins. It is almost impossible to tell them apart.

Sally Cowan

Hi Sally: It would be great if you tell us a bit more about Trevor and Tory. Rarely do I receive information about identical twin cats. I actually made a short post about twin Ragdoll cats in British Colombia, Canada: Identical Twin Cats? Apparently identical twin cats are possible but unlikely...Michael

Update 21-05-09: Sally adds some information in a comment. Thanks Sally.

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Twin Persian Cats

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Jun 15, 2011 Identical twins
by: Sally

Tory and Trevor were born in the same sac. When I took them in to be neutered, they did some blood work. The blood work was exactly the same. Yes, it is unusual, but it does happen. They are always together and it is very difficult to tell them apart. Since I am their "mother" I can tell a difference, but it is very slight. They are both very loving and they don't have a nervous bone in their bodies. Thanks for asking.

Nov 18, 2009 Twinkle a Calico Persian Cat
by: Sally Cowan

This is our little princess, Twinkle and Calico Persian:

Calico Persian Cat Twinkle

May 21, 2009 Identical twins
by: Sally Cowan-owner

I live in Florida but I flew to Ohio to pick up these two chocolate identical twin Persians. When they were getting neutered, they did some blood work,etc and they found out that the blood work was the same, DNA is the same, everything is the same. They were born in the same sac. These two are very special to us. They snuggle with me all night.

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