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Two dozen domestic cats attacked and eaten by bobcats at Flagler Beach? — 7 Comments

  1. I live in the Daytona Beach, Florida, area, and Flagler Beach lies roughly 31 to 35 miles to the north. I have been well aware of the alligator, snake, and wild boar populations for many years. We have our share of raccoons and foxes. Not only are bobcats present, but coyotes are increasing in numbers all over Florida also. I feel heartbroken for every feral, stray, and domestic cat that falls victim to outdoor predators, and that includes the subhuman kind. It is imperative to keep domestic cats indoors, or in a protected catio, and to aid the feral cat colonies in all possible ways.😰💜💜🐾


    • Thanks Frances. If you hear anymore on this please update the story. You live what seems to be a very nice place.

  2. Well, keep your cat inside or in a secure enclosure. If and I mean if the bobcats are eating domestic cats it’s because they have stumbled on an easy source of protein. It is a learned behavior and probably easy pickings.
    The downside here is there are mangled remains. So unless the bobcats are killing cats in competition to for territory it doesn’t make sense.
    I am becoming annoyed at cat owners who scream and wail that their beloved pet is dead hit by cars,dogs,wildlife or sadistic humans while continuing to let them roam at will.

    • Why dont ye M E King garner some compassion,ye dont know peoples circumstances and I would advise ye against snapping on me because I have 13 cats and of the 13 4 of them are indoor/outdoor cats and the only thing that has killed my cats in the past is cars and I am a feral cat caregiver so I get annoyed at people who past judgement onto others because they allow them outside and the reason my 4 do go out is they are former ferals that I alone was able to domesticate but still have the wild in them,I’ve had to replace my screens many times due to the former ferals ripping them open and then my indoor only cats got out too so like I said everyones situation is different.

      • Irish while I understand that some people especially those that rescue feral and semi-feral cats have no choice in the matter the truth is if you are an average pet owner it is your job to keep your animals within and under your personal control. Don’t be overly sensitive because I know how hard you ladies work to take care of all of your cats. TNR is a beast and you are making the best decisions you can for all your cats. Most people will never own a feral cat and have it in their home.
        It’s like comparing zoo keepers who in this day and age should have some understanding of how to take care of tigers to the idiot that keeps them in their apartment. And yes I know Michael you hate zoos but i’ve only had one cuppa and it’s the best I could come up with.

    • Me too. It does surprise me that even when cat owners are concerned about bobcats killing cats they appear not to be prepared to change what they do and keep their cats inside.

      • My hand raised house fluffs would try and hide behind the nearest pebble. When the route to the AC unit was on our road we inherited many very tame house cats who were scared to death and usually dead and eaten before we could gain their trust. House pets even indoor outdoor TAME cats have lost their edge in most cases. Feral cats are seldom prey as they understand the lay of the land so to speak.
        Frog was scared of the thunderstorm so she sat in the middle of the living room and whimpered until i put her in a cubby next to my desk. Feral cats that make it their first year are tough nuts.

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