Two fighting street cats killed on the spot because of superstition

This is the country where they still fervently believe in witchcraft. It is a country where supersition can play a big role in their lives when the circumstances call for it.

Two cats killed because of a belief in witchraft
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Two cats killed because of a belief in witchraft in Nigeria.

And I am not making this up. You can read the article on the original website (click this to read it). This is Nigeria on the African continent. There are a lot of street cats because spaying and neutering is definitely not a mainstream policy. Are any of the domestic cats in Nigeria spayed and neutered?

So two street cats were fighting on a roof. A typical fight over territory. They were probably two males. One was a brown mackerel tabby and the other was a tray tabby-and-white. They look like large domestic cats weighing in the range of about 15-20 pounds.

During the fight they feel through the roof of someone’s home. It was probably one of those fragile roofs you see in shanty towns.

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Because they fell through the roof into a room in the home, someone decided they were the incarnation of the devil and killed them by slitting their throats. I have blurred the pictures to avoid upsetting viewers and Google. Google does not like reality like this because their advertisers become nervous.

Here is a comment from the original article:

I don’t blame the people that killed them, I only blame the church and the so called spiritual leaders that spiritualise everything in black nations while most of them are the real spiritual witches. Foreigners especially the whites have soft heart but we blacks have stone heart and wicked ones.

And another comment from the original article:

African mentality….So you have already concluded that they are witches. These are just two innocent cats living their normal life…..Their fight might be because of territory, maybe one crossed encroached to the others.

My comment: I am reporting the story as I see it. I have written before about Africa’s superstitions regarding the cat. They definitely have trouble relating to the domestic and feral cat because when anything out of the ordinary occurs citizens of many of the African countries become nervous and decide that witchcraft is involved.

I remember a cat with his head stuck in a jar (there is a link to the article below). They would not touch the cat because they were fearful witchcraft was involved. Eventually someone rescued the poor thing.

Source: Nairaland Forum.


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