Can African leaders PROVE that trophy hunting supports conservation?

Trophy hunting in Africa. Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist used a bow and arrow to try and kill Cecil a well-known African lion

The leaders of the African nations: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe believe that they can prove that trophy hunting supports the conservation of their iconic species. But can they? My research indicates that they can’t. Note: there are vital negative aspects of trophy hunting as it is a form of artificial …

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Many Africans believe proposed British ban on importation of hunting trophies is racist and an example of neo-colonialism

41% of people across large swathes of the southern half of Africa believe that the proposed British ban on the importation of hunting trophies is racist

NEWS AND COMMENT: The UK Parliament is struggling to pass the Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill which will ban the importation of hunting trophies from Africa and other countries. The unelected Lords have effectively blocked it. They’ve probably been lobbied by the rich hunters. There may be some trophy hunters among them. But a new aspect of …

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African wildlife more frightened of humans than big predators like lions

African waterhole and animals where they fear humans more than lions

I’ve always thought this but now a study confirms it. The typical wildlife, including large animals such as zebra and impala, that drink at waterholes in Africa are more likely to flee when they hear the faintest human conversation than when they hear the sounds of the most dreaded predators in Africa. Clearly, these …

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Infographic on wild cat species in Africa, S. America and S.E. Asia

Clouded leopard is arboreal and can hang upside down like a monkey

This infographic lists the wild cat species on the African and South American continents and in Southeast Asia. Remarkably there are a similar number of species in each region. The weight ranges are also listed per species. All of them are endangered to varying degrees through human activities of various kinds. Conservation is the …

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7 years later, Cecil the Lion killer dentist Walter Palmer consistently receives one-star reviews

Walter J Palmer DDS

Walter J Palmer DDS still receives one-star ratings for his dentistry 7 years after he shot Cecil the Lion in Africa. On at least three websites where people can review the services he provides as a dentist: Yelp, vitals, Rate MDs, Dr. Walter James Palmer receives an overall rating of one star which is …

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How long can lions go without water?

Lion pride

Lions normally drink water every day if it is available. When researchers have observed prides of lions in the Serengeti and the nearby Ngorongoro Crater they drank after every meal. Although lions can manage without drinking water when it is scarce. Lions live in a semi-desert habitat and even in desert. Under these circumstances …

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Tigers for sale – 2022 – it needs to be banned

Lion and tiger cubs are best buddies

‘Tigers for sale’ is a phrase that I do not want to read when it concerns private sales from unscrupulous traders selling to naive customers. This page is not about inter-zoo sales which are bad enough. Humankind should not be trading tigers online. It should be entirely banned across the globe. Sadly, that is …

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Cat superstitions – educate to suppress them

Black cat superstition in Kenya leads to cat cruelty

Cat superstitions still exist big time. They are considered to be a part of history but this is simply untrue. Nowadays superstitions surrounding the cat are tied up with a lack of knowledge of the cat and, frankly, sometimes distrust and dislike of the cat, just as was the case in medieval Europe. Education …

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