Video: jaguar swimming underwater goes viral

Jaguars have always been awesome swimmers. I guess people can see that now. They love water. Tigers do too.

Amazing footage shows how jaguars are accustomed to water as well as the jungle.

I’ll add some more detail later… it is..

The first point to make is that the oneline newspapers have stolen this video from YouTube to make money on their sites. I am sure they have not paid a penny for its use. Within minutes, hundreds of websites have it posted. The version of the video on this site is the original as far as I know and it is by Vince Pinto. He should go these newspaper websites and ask for money retrospectively for his license to let them use his video. Copyright is dead on the internet and this is a shame. Eventually, it will cause big problems as it will stop creative people posting on the internet. The same happens with music.

Now back to the mighty, water-loving jaguar who can hold his breath for far longer than we ever imagined. Throughout much of its range it is associated with watercourses and streams.

Pinto says of his video:

“This is truly UFB! I had no idea that a Jaguar could remain underwater for so long.”

“These cats are excellent swimmers that have been seen crossing large rivers, and like tigers, they sometimes spend the heat of the day half-submerged in a stream” (Wild Cats of the World by the Sunquists)

A jaguar reportedly killed a cow by the Apure river in Venezuala. The jaguar dragged the cow into the river and swam with it for 800 meters across the river. Turtles are a important part of jaguar prey in many parts of South America.

Jaguars often feed on fish and the way they do it may provide us with some clues as to why domestic cats mess with water. More on that in a separate posting (search for ‘fishing jaguar’).

Source: Video of jaguar swimming underwater goes viral – Telegraph

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Video: jaguar swimming underwater goes viral — 2 Comments

  1. Most people believe that cats hate water.
    This beautiful girl is having the time of her life.
    I can hardly believe that she is chewing under water. I wouldn’t be able to do that.

  2. Wow, it’s beyond awesome to be able to see this! I’d like to know more about how it was captured on video. Thank you for sharing this!

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