Video: man panics when zoo lion bites down on his right hand

Man's hand in lion's jaws at zoo
Man’s hand in lion’s jaws at zoo
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It looks like this man put his right hand through the bars of the cage (but not far in), which encouraged the lion standing nearby to grab the hand it his jaws and hold on. The man becomes terrified and tries to force the lion to release his hand. The lion is entertaining himself. Can you blame him? When you watch it you don’t know how it will end so I won’t spoil it for you 🙂 Just play it to the end. The zoo’s protection for the visitors looks sloppy although the man concerned acted irresponsibly to say the least. Perhaps he wanted to pet the lion forgetting that he was very dangerous. He should not have been allowed to get to the bars of the cage. I feel very sorry for the lion (and the man but less so). The zoo looks barren and frankly horrible. I hate zoos. It is just so cruel.

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