WARNING: Three girls crush kitten to death with their bare feet

It is almost impossible to report on this because of its callous, mindless cruelty against an innocent animal. A colleague pointed it out to me. The report is sketchy. The pictures are horrifying and clear. Although the faces of the people who did it have been blurred out. Why protect these people? I believe it happened in Vietnam but I am far from sure. Vietnam has an thriving cat meat market and a poor record on animal rights and welfare. At the moment no one is sure where it occurred. Can you find out? Update on location: a commentor says that it took place in Honduras.

I have placed the image on another page where there are no adverts in order to satisfy advertisers. I have also blurred the image in order to not shock anybody. Please click on the link below to see the image. You remain on this page at the same time

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Three girls trample kitten TO DEATH with bare feet

It appears that three young Asian women in what looks like a public place deliberately squashed a tabby kitten to death with their bare feet by standing on the kitten. It is said that they trampled on the kitten. There is no question that it was done on purpose and they must have known that it would be fatal. Apparently, the kitten had a leash around his/her neck at one time. Perhaps the cat was dragged into the building where she was crushed.

Three girls trample kitten TO DEATH with bare feet

Three girls trample kitten TO DEATH with bare feet

If a video was made (and I believe it was), it is an example of a crush video and perhaps that is what they were making for financial profit. The pictures are on Facebook. I can’t show them here because Google Adsense will pull the adverts and reprimand me for it.

The images and perhaps a video was on a Vietnamese website: http://amtusa.online/ . They have deleted the page perhaps in response to complaints.

There is uproar but it is surprisingly muted. The reaction on the source page for this on ChinaPress is as follows:

China press reaction

China press reaction

They don’t care. 144 were happy and 20 were bored! Yes, some were angered but this story should provoke a 100% angry response.

I will search for more information and upload it as I when I find it. If you can help, please leave a comment and I will follow it up.

Comment: I am not being racist but realist and factual. There is another story from a while ago of Asian Texas girls torturing and disembowelling a kitten. It was reported in the Mail Online.

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25 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That video is from Honduras. Do your research before you make groundless accusations you racism.

  2. Anonymous says:


    everyone of you will be dealth with accordingly. this world shall be cleansed and reborn


  3. Anonymous says:

    there is a drama here :::::::::::::

  4. Deez says:

    How about you soft men go kill some drug dealers or child rapists oh but you won’t cause your a bitch

  5. Deez says:

    I hate cats I shot one in the face with a bb gun just the other day. I also plan on beating my gf’s cat later today

  6. Albert Schepis says:

    I would not hesitate to end the life of any human who did that. An afterthought would be that I think it would be totally justified. If anything on Earth could be, this should be, in my opinion. I support the defense of anyone who would murder these women. I have no reservation (okay a little) in saying that. Please, if anyone knows who and where these people could be had, share that knowledge. Someone please have the righteous courage to end these people.

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