What type of cat is Hecker?

Well, there is not much to say when answering the question in the title. Hecker is a tame caracal. He or she is tame because they wear a collar. Caracals are an athletic, medium-size wild cat species somewhat predisposed to being tamed but not truly domesticated. You see them as sulky, fat pets in some households. As a pet they don’t work it in truth.

An image of the caracal is the icon image for the YouTube channel called ‘Hecker’ (formerly called ‘Heckler’). The owner of the YouTube channel is a Moroccan who parodies ‘Beluga’. It is a spin off to Beluga’s Discord series. Mystified? Not bothered? Bored? Me too, but it a successful channel which is a bit depressing.

The cat in the image (see below) is almost certainly not owned by this YouTube channel vlogger. He probably just took the image off the internet.

Hecker's YouTube channel icon image
Hecker’s YouTube channel icon image
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I hate to say it but there is nothing more to say in answering the question. But I’ll briefly continue to fill the page slightly for SEO reasons. Here is a little titbit of information: Caracals have the highest standing start vertical jump of any wild cat species in my opinion.

As stated, they are enormously athletic. When living with someone, they are what is called an ‘exotic pet’. A segment of society enjoys the company of exotic pets. They demand a ‘pet’ which is different to other companion animals. It is a desire that comes from insecurity probably. They want to stand out and be different. As they aren’t different, they find that difference in the animal they live with.

It is what I’d call ‘vicarious living’ – living through another sentient being. A lot of people acquire animals like caracals to enable them to create social media channels such as we see on TikTok.

You’ll see lots of exploited pets on TikTok. They just have to find a way to get hits to their 30 second vertical videos.

Recently a rescue cat was found to be utterly unique in the world: she/he had no sex organs whatsoever, internally or externally. She looks feminine. She was adopted by a shelter worker as the cat was sheltered at her place of work. Perhaps cynically, I say that she adopted the cat (Beans) because she had aspirations to build a TikTok channel around the cat and enjoy some fame vicariously through her cat. Let’s see if I am correct.

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