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White tigers: the result of generations of unhealthy breeding practices — 15 Comments

  1. God bless that ugly yet beautiful animal, and DAMN humanity for creating him. I recently adopted a calico cat that hah her face beaten in by some inner-city monsters (or am I supposed to m say “AFRICAN AMERICANS?), and after a $3400.00 vet bill she is the prettiest kittie you’ve ever seen!

  2. Thanks for appreciating the “White Tiger” photo, one of the best wild-life photo’s i managed with a ordinary digital camera.
    Talking about tiger commercialization, here is a photo of the normal orange tigers in a Bangkok zoo, akin to cats.All these tigers can never ever be released in the wild and only hope the species avoids extinction due to ‘Habitat loss” and “In-Breeding”.

  3. For the first time in my life have seen a tiger resembling a “PERSIAN CAT” !The white tiger “KENNY” would definitely be a big zoo attraction as a freak and also a sad indication of the future of the “BIG CATS” in the zoo’s and captivity. The “WHITE TIGERS” existing on planet Earth are all heavily inbred and as i am not a biologist with knowledge of genetics i wonder whats the remedy to solve “INBREEDING” in zoological parks as well as protected National Parks.Singapore zoo had the best white tigers when i visited the zoo in 2007 and was lucky to click a few beautiful memorable photographs.Strangely, all the white tigers in the Singapore zoo were sterilized and i wonder the reasons for the same.I have attatched a photo of a classic white tiger of the Singapore zoo.

    • This is a great photo Rudolph.

      It’s so sad reading things like this – one has a feeling of despair really – in the face of human’s need to consume – i.e.: see white tigers at the darn zoo. There should be serious laws in place to prevent all this.

    • Simple explanation – if they weren’t sterilised they’d be fighting. Tigers are very territorial and it’s not natural for adult tigers to live in groups (or even in pairs outside of mating time). Even when breeding, captive tigers can kill each other. Castration reduces the aggression. Spaying or hormone implants prevents females from attracting unwanted suitors which can result in aggression between the sexes.

      • I all seems a bit of failure. Inbreeding, castration, deformed. forced to live in groups, stressed, female hormone implants.

        What else? Justified for conservation! Joke. There is nothing about the white tiger left to conserve.

        It is hardly a tiger.

    • Good photo Rudolph, well done. The white tiger does look glamorous. Shame about all the hidden ones or the ones killed at birth. Are the deformed ones killed at birth? I expect so.

  4. Thanks for this Sarah. It was very nice of you to contribute.

    For me, the white tiger is emblematic of what is wrong with wild cats in zoos or captivity. The people who like to keep wild cats in captivity declare they do it for conservation but often or always it is hard to see any conservation value in the process.

    And wild cats do badly in captivity. Many wild cat species don’t breed in captivity. Perhaps they are too stressed.

    The breeding of Bengal and Siberian tigers in China is another abomination. These cats are farmed for their body parts including wine from the bones.

    All the investment in cats in captivity would be better spent in respect of conservation if it went into addressing the root causes of the decline of wild cat species in the wild.

    • National parks and zoos etc are OK if properly kept, that is. At least those animals get to have a life, somehow! What about the tigers and other animals that CHINA kills on a regular basis?! THE CHINESE kill tigers, hunt them down or breed them for theoir bones! Disgusting altogether and totally appalling!They shove lots of dogs and cats into boxes to eat them!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Not surprised in the least that CHINA has brought on the CORONA in the world!!
      Korea, Vietnam, Thailand are not far behind !!!!!!!!!Not to mention South Africa where they breed lions so so called disgusting rich people “hunt¨them in enclosures!!!! Outrageous!One cannot really be proud of belonging to the human race!!!!!

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