Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) in dogs and cats – a full discussion

COI - coefficient of inbreeding

At first glance this is a daunting and off-putting topic. However, we have Ben, the TikTok vet to ease us into the discussion 😎. He’s great and thanks Ben. He has a nice video of the COI of the most inbred pedigree dogs available in the UK. It is a very good start. This …

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World’s first albino ocelot is worrying for conservationists

Albino ocelot discovered in Columbia

The wild cat news today is that the world’s first albino ocelot has been discovered in Colombia. And the news is not good because the discovery indicates that deforestation in Colombia is resulting in inbreeding of wild cat species because of fragmented habitat resulting in small population sizes. This assessment is made because albinism …

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2 reasons why cheetahs are reproducing poorly

Male cheetah. Picture in public domain on Pinterest.

There are at least 2 reasons why cheetahs reproduced poorly, which is an added reason why they are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. There has been an approximate 50% decline in population numbers over the past four decades. Inbreeding The first reason is inbreeding due to mating between close relatives. There have been …

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Inbreeding of wild cats can lead to extinctions in the wild due to unviable population sizes

Siberian tiger cub septuplets born in captivity

I feel that humankind is gradually approaching the time when we could argue that the inbreeding of some wild cat species might effectively extinguish them in the wild. Through human activity we have brought many wild cat species to their knees. The classic causes are habitat loss and direct persecution such as poaching for …

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Rare black tigers – pseudo-melanistic tigers – photographed in India

Black tiger

NEWS AND COMMENT – EASTERN INDIA: An amateur photographer, Satya Swagat, 23, had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time with this camera. He was in the Nandankanan National Park in eastern India. Satya Swagat said that he got goosebumps when he first saw them. He was about …

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What is the smartest type of cat?

Rusty-spotted cat

The smartest type of cat will be the wild cat species. You can take anyone of them. I believe that you will find that it is accepted that the wild cats are smarter than domestic cats. This is translated into another perhaps accepted fact that the wildcat hybrids such as the Savannah and Bengal …

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Are purebred cats inbred?

Inbreeding among European royals. An example of how inbreeding affects the human animal.

My belief is that the whole purpose of cat breeding is to selectively breed cats which have as near as possible a perfect appearance according to the breed standard and in order to achieve this the breeder has to ensure that the genes of a first-class cat are transferred to their offspring and so …

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Why are white tigers white?

White tiger

It is believed that white tigers are white because of the result of a genetic mutation which occurred about 120 years ago causing a pair of recessive genes to signal the coat to be chalk-white, the eyes ice-blue and the stripes chocolate coloured (I.W.B Thorton – 1978 – White tiger genetics – further evidence). …

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