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Why are domestic cats killed in house fires while owners survive unharmed? — 3 Comments

  1. Quote: “They need an escape route and it needs to be triggered when a fire takes hold. This could be a cat door which is permanently closed if the cats of full-time indoors and which is opened, perhaps automatically, when a certain temperature is reached inside the home.” This sounds like it could be a brilliant idea, Michael.😎

  2. I really like your ideas about having escape routes for cats. I know that if my house were to catch fire, both of my cats would most likely die. One is a maybe because she may be able to be located prior to leaving the house. The other always hides under my bed (upstairs) when scared, so it would be safe to say that he will most likely end up under my bed trying to stay safe. 😭 I hate to think about it.

    With an escape plan, they may be able to survive, especially if they understood about leaving the house rather than hiding. They both LOVE going outside, but they may think differently when scared.

  3. If the cat has an escape route then it may start using it to just go outside. Then it’s at risk by maniacs, traffic and wild animals. I think there are a lot of reasons. One is once the fire department shows up they won’t allow the owner back in the house. If the fire isn’t started near a smoke detector the person in the home could wake up to black smoke filling the room and you can’t even catch your breath in that. Plus cats hide. They could be in a closet or under the bed or behind the washer/dryer. The best answer is to have LOTS of smoke detectors in the home.

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