Pawly Door with prey detection is a smart cat flap which will arrive shortly

Pawly cat door

A UK/German business, Pawly, is looking for Kickstarter funding to develop what looks like a very interesting cat flap (‘cat door’ in the US). A cat flap which will meet the requirements of millions of indoor/outdoor cat owners. Not all cats allowed outside unsupervised are keen predators but many are. My cat is in …

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Do you stop your cat coming inside when she has a mouse in her mouth?

Cat with mouse at door locked out as forbidden to bring prey animals in

The photograph on this page was taken by the boyfriend of a woman who is the caregiver of a grey cat who is allowed outside and who likes to bring her prey animals inside the home, which is entirely typical. Note: some cats devour their prey animals where they kill them. Often domestic cats …

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Cat door (cat flap) that could stop cats bringing in mice

Cat eats mouse

An artificial intelligence (AI) controlled cat door (cat flap) could be manufactured to distinguish between an owner’s cat bringing in a mouse and a cat without a mouse in the mouth. This would be very helpful to a lot of cat owners whose cats are prolific hunters because it is unpleasant for a lot …

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