Why Are the Seekers of Erin Hunter Bears?

Polar Bear - by metrognome0

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Polar Bear – by metrognome0

Why are the Seekers of Erin Hunter Bears? It was brave of Erin Hunter to write a story using a completely different animal in the central role. Why choose bears? Well, lets step back and think how we all feel about bears, not just Erin Hunter. We love bears. They represent what is so good and magical about the wild, the wilderness. And what makes bears even more interesting is that they live in remote wild and cold places. These places are becoming more and more scarce. People are gradually taking the land occupied by bears. Bears are often pushed together with people which is uncomfortable. This turns bears into scavengers and undignified life for a distinguished and proud animal.

This is because there are lots more people than before. The world population is growing all the time. This has an effect on the bear and his habitat. This is what makes choosing a bear the right choice when the story line is about a spiritual journey to find what is natural.

Another reason in answer to the question, “Why are the Seekers of Erin Hunter Bears?” is that they were simply the most suitable animal, it seems. For example, Erin Hunter says that animals like horses, dolphins and otters were less suitable. Otters are cute and popular but there are less well known. Erin Hunter says that Dolphins are too similar in appearance. I can see that. Particularly when it is important in a story to create characters it is important to be able to tell one character from the other. That is why (and these are my thoughts) there are different types of bears in the story, grizzlies, polar bears and black bears. A great trio joined together.

The story touches on something very important to us all (and I mean animals and humans) and that is the environment. How it is being damaged by people is important. The polar bear is going through a particularly difficult time as climate change means that the ice the polar bear lives on is gradually melting. This means that the polar bear has to swim much further to find scarcer food. The polar bear is a very good swimmer and on occasions has swum over 100 miles to find food – amazing! but also sad. Polar bears are dying of starvation.

Lets hope the Erin Hunter series Seekers helps us to think about our world and to protect it for us and the animals.

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Why Are the Seekers of Erin Hunter Bears?

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Nov 25, 2010
♥ Seekers ♥
by: April

♥ I love the seekers books. After reading the book i did a report on polar bears for school, and i learned a lot of new things about polar bears. I can’t wait to read book 4!!! ♥

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  1. I love the Seekers series I’ve read most of the books so far and hope Erin Hunter continues to make more books. <3 I have learned a lot by reading the books about how humans are hurting the world and taking the animals habit which the people who are in charge of doing this needs to read these books to know what they are doing!!! 🙂


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