Why can’t domestic cat medicine in the form of pills be as tasty as their treats?

Why do the cat owning public have to struggle millions of times every year to try to give their cat a pill? Why are domestic cat pills so unpalatable to domestic cats? Surely, it is not beyond the powers of the pharmaceutical companies working in conjunction with pet food manufacturers to make a cat pill such as an antibiotic which domestic cats regard as a treat rather than a nasty bitter object which they spit out even if it is placed judiciously inside a piece of cat food.

Why can't cat pills be tasty?
Why can’t cat pills be tasty?
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There are countless, millions I suspect, stories of cat guardians trying to give their cat medicine in the form of a pill because they have to continue to treat their cat with medication after their veterinarian has started the course. They’re left trying pill guns, putting the pill inside a bit of food or using the classic veterinarian procedure which is almost impossible to do at home but which is quite easy to do at a veterinarian’s clinic because domestic cats tend to be passive there.

Internet research does not provide me with an answer as to why medication for cats in the form of a pill cannot be tasty. Therefore, I have to come to my own conclusion. Domestic cat pills are unpalatable because veterinarians insist upon it and they work with the pharmaceutical companies to create these bitter medicines.

And the reason why veterinarians don’t want pills for cats to be palatable is because it forces cat guardians to come to them to administer the pills. When their clients come back to them for assistance it provides the veterinarian with another opportunity to sell something or to book the cat in for another appointment for whatever reason the veterinarian can dream up.

And of course, in addition, there will be a charge by the veterinarian to administer the pill. The bottom line is that pills for cats are unpalatable for commercial reasons and it is another way to get more money out of their clients. That might sound like a very cynical conclusion.

If somebody can tell me why, scientifically and chemically, pills for cats cannot be made to be tasty then please tell me in a comment. There are probably some pills which do meet this objective but they are rare and the vast majority of pills for cats taste horrible.

Cats can detect them even when they are placed inside nice food. There’s not much point breaking them up and sprinkling them over food because cats can detect that too. Why do we, the compliant paying public, have to try all these fancy, failed solutions? Why are we put through this anxiety? How many times do cat owners fail to complete the course because they are fed up trying? Why can’t they simply provide us with chewy, tasty feline medicine in the form of our cats’ favourite foods? Too many questions.

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