Why do all Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman?

I love Maine Coons and I love Ron Perlman’s acting so it is fitting that they look alike.

Why do all Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman?
Why do all Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman?
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There is no particular reason why some Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman. It is simply a matter of anatomy. The cats in this picture are quite extreme versions of the Maine coon. Not all Maine coon cats have this lion appearance. Perhaps the better way to describe the phenomenon is why does Ron Perlman look like an extreme bred Maine coon cat? Like I said his facial anatomy is quite big and heavy. It just happens to look a little bit similar to these stunning examples.

Ron Perlman is the only celebrity that I know who looks sufficiently like a Maine Coon to viably be able to make a comparison. Some people think that Will Ferell looks a bit like a Maine Coon but his face is not really heavy enough. It is the heaviness as I’ve mentioned which is the key factor and Ron Perlman has perhaps the heaviest most masculine-looking face among all actors on the planet. And perhaps it is fair to say that I am comparing the man with a male Maine Coon at this stage.

Where his face is wrong in this comparison is the eyes. The experts say that the size of a cat’s eyes in relation to the size of their face are eight times larger than those of people. And unhappily, in this comparison, Ron Perlman’s eyes are tiny. They are deeply set into his cranium, and they are small by human standards.

Perhaps this emphasises the rest of his face which is heavy particularly around the mouth. This heaviness around the jaw and mouth somewhat mirrors the heavy, square muzzle of the Maine Coon cat. The Maine Coon cat’s muzzle should be solid and large and noticeable but when this cat is bred to extreme it becomes enormous and the cat takes on the profile of a lion.

Lion versus Maine Coon
Lion versus Maine Coon. Montage by MikeB from lion image in the public domain. The MC is by Robert Sijka.

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