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  1. A lovely thin tabby cat sat outside my back door for 3hrs morning and same evening After several weeks I gave in and fed her.She savaged her food as if there was not tomorrow.I took her to the vet and vaccinations were given and thorough check up I found out that she was 13yrs old and lived near by Mini is now a loving beautiful girl,lovely coat and contented. I love her dearly,such a lovely companion.

  2. We are a rescue org. in So OR. I had a wonderful but terribly matted dlh mal org tabby. They took him from here to an expert tamer 2 hrs away, she gave up, he was sent 2 more places and finally had to be trapped in the last “great tamers” home. He was 1 hated cat! I was to just re-release him to the feral colony. Scarred hissing n biting he arrived here in a trap. 10 mins later he was out sitting in his window, I picked him up and held him, purring, kneading, and drooling. He is so in love w/me I’ll never let him go.

    • Wow, I’d love to hear more of this. Do u have a photo? If so please upload one. If you write more in another comment, I’ll publish it as an article. Thanks Mindy for sharing.

      • Cat Colony Rescue 75 Semi Feral Cats

        In Jan 2018 I knew I was the only person who would help end the cat abuse at a Recreational Vehicle Park near my home on the Klamath River the California/Oregon Border. I contacted a friend who runs a cat rescue CARE and I contacted my country vet of Dr. Herriot variety. The following Wens. we crated as many cats as we could. There were so many we had to bring the females to my home and release them so we could crate more. The vet came and neutered 30 male cats on the spot, they were re released the following morning. 22 females were in the basement of my home for 1 day, then we transported 10 to a Cat Rescue in Northern Or, 2 days later another 8 were placed. We placed 5 kittens from the park into a fancy shop in upscale Ashland OR. The 4 females left here we could not get our hands on. I found it funny that I had no idea there were 4 one was hidden behind the stove for quite awhile, one was hidden in a over stuffed chair. As time passed I was able to pick up each cat and place it in the bathroom. (However I have needed to buy an extra box of Bandages.) There they could be WDQ, Warm, dark, quiet. I gave them plenty of attention. It took weeks to get them, one by 1, ready for the next room. My upstairs bathroom has a huge window overlooking a meadow where birds are abundant. A tall cat tree at the window allows for great viewing. The cupboard under the sink was emptied. I placed 2 small boxes ea with an old soft shirt of mine for them. That worked because I could close 1 or both doors on the cupboard, depending on how afraid the cats were. The tub as well had 2 boxes. It is necessary to 1st comfort them with food available at all times. In the evenings I fed food from cans to encourage them to bond to me. I held each cat many times a day. The first time they let me hold them they went into a quivering motion which lasted 10 mins or so. The 2nd time I held them they purred. For days they hid in their boxes. Slowly I placed them on the cat tree and in the window sill. When the boxes were no longer of any use, I introduced play. As odd as it is these cats were afraid of toys. In this case only a small bit of yarn was safe. Then we moved onto more challenging toys they could enjoy without me. It was a joy to hear them playing. Slowly I moved the cats from the 2nd bathroom into my huge master bedroom. They were exposed to TV and the dogs, as well as my own cats. When they were tame and in my arms they were ready to be placed in homes. Eventually all the female cats were spay at various vets where we could get a discount. As this went on the male cats were taken from the park and placed. Any cat that was too timid or too afraid came to my home and started the process in the WDQ room. It came down to just the semi feral cats left here. The rescuers took 5 to go to other tamers, 3 were returned to me 3 weeks later deemed feral. Those 3 cats are in my bedroom this evening on my bed with the other last 3. All 75 of these cats are spay and neutered, had their shots, treated for fleas, and had had their mats shaved free. I had cats that were so emaciated hips bones stuck out, 1 poor dilute tortie, still here can’t stop eating in fear it will be gone. One poor cat had lost an eye due to an untreated infection. One kitty only was here 1 night suffering until the vet opened she was so starved and ill there was no choice. Out of 75 we only lost that 1 kitty. I had to re release 4 feral cats back to the Park. These last few foster cats are not ready for normal homes. Kitten season is upon us and the rescues are full. Perhaps in the fall these last few will get forever homes. Perhaps they already have one.

        Michael I live in a forest, we do not have cell phones, I am not a techie and have pics and tried to download them here. I can email them. There are many of the Park where the cats were. The matted cat that bit the other tamers can be seen in the pic on the outdoor sofa he is in the front. “Matty” I hope my name is put on the article if you publish it. Mindy Bledsoe I have many other stories.

        • Mindy, what heroic work. I am immensely impressed. Fabulous work. It must have been very hard at times. But you did something tangible to help these cats. Not many people do that. I’ll publish your story in the next 8 hours and your name will be at the top and bottom of the page. You can email me some pictures at mjbmeister@gmail.com. If you can get the pics to me in the next 8 hours that would be great.

          Thanks again.

  3. I think that cats choosing a certain person might have something to do with feramone output. I have a diabetic cat that comes running and sits or lays still when it’s time for her shot, and she cuddles myself and daughter in law as well as my son.

  4. My husband and I adopted a female cat from a local shelter. She chose him by jumping on him and digging into his shirt. She has been a daddy’s girl from day one.
    My male cat will have nothing to do with my husband. It seems he has chosen me, I guess. He cuddles with me and sleeps in the bed with me.

    • Sounds typical. I proves cats choose us and that they very definitely have preferences when it comes to their human companion. Thanks Lisa.

  5. My cat Calie loves me because I love her, but especially because I’m her hero. She hates to be chased and so naturally the other cats do it. Einstein in particular, and so she goes to great lengths to avoid it and him. At night she curls up near my face in bed, purrs and licks my hand; she always seeks me out and stays near because I’ll protect her. All I have to do is make eye contact with the others and they know to leave her alone. I love being her hero.

  6. I have four foster kid’s three boys and a girl I got a kitten from the moment she got her she had attitude she’s not mean but loves my eight year old boy only she sleeps with him waits for him by the door at about the time he gets home from school. He can pet her however but if any body else pets her the tail starts going and she growls but never bites just moves away from the person.I live in the country and she is a great hunter of mice which is why I got her but I think it’s so funny how much she only loves my little boy

    • Hello Phyllis. I found your comment very interesting. It certainly goes to prove that cats prefer certain people, at least sometimes. There is clearly something about your boy which she likes. It may be the scent that he gives off in combination with his behaviour in general including the sound that he makes. But to choose him amongst others and to reject the others is very interesting. The bottom line is that cats (just like us) people prefer certain people and other cats. Cats are individuals with their own preferences just like people.

  7. My boyfriend and I have had two cats and both have preferred to sleep by me and follow me around. The first girl we had (who sadly was hit by a car) was mostly fed by me and looked after by me as I was more used to cats so it made sense, but Sora (who we have now) is fed by my partner and I give her any tablets/flea treatments etc. I’m also the one who tells her off while my boyfriend always plays with her yet she tends to favor me (though she likes both of us, she just always cuddles me.) Don’t know why, but I guess cats just choose who they feel more comfortable with.

    • Sometimes the reason why a cat prefers someone is not that clear. There may be some hidden reasons which don’t stand out like the person’s scent and if the cat is a rescue cat adopted from a shelter for example the cat may have memories which color his/her preferences. A person’s voice and general demeanour also play a role. Thanks for sharing Caitlin.

  8. I’ve seen or experienced all of those behaviors with my cats. Bandit knew that my Aunt Laverne was afraid of cats. He’d stalk her and playfully grab her ankle every chance he got. A year later Bandit became friends with this man who took an interest in my mom after my dad died. I couldn’t stand the man. Bandit loved him and couldn’t get enough of him when he came to visit. Two months later they had a severe falling out. The man apparently became physically abusive with my mother. I still don’t know exactly what he did but it must have been bad enough for Bandit to change his opinion of him in a split second. He attacked the man, jumped on his back with his claws out and rode him screaming out the front door. Years ago my cats ignored me when I came back from the hospital that time. I knew that I didn’t smell the same, but they did seem genuinely angry that I left them for a week.

  9. I first saw our cat walking through the back yard. I called to him and he came over to see me. Ever since we met he has favored me over my wife. All the other cats we have had liked my wife best. Our cat Frank has always liked me best.

  10. Allow me to add to the discussion with something from “Why Does My Cat Do That?,” an interesting book about our feline friends that attempts to explain the unexplainable: cats don’t like being stared at. A cat lover will focus their attention on Kitty the moment s/he enters the room. A person who’s not fond of cats will ignore Kitty; therefore, Kitty naturally goes to the person who’s NOT unnerving him with a stare-down. Interesting . . . perhaps? It makes sense, sort of, but then how can we ever really know what’s going on in that little furry head?

    • Thanks Judy. You describe a classic reason why cats go to strangers who don’t like cats. There may be some truth in it but it is only part of the story in my opinion. Confident cats will sometimes approach strangers whether they are being stare at or not.

  11. lol I stole my moms cat not literally I wake up with her in front of my face she walks in my room like she owns it and she wont sleep with anyone but me and if im gone she sleeps in the laundry basket outside my room my mom jokes saying sushi is your cat now thanks a lot for stealing my cat

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