Wild cat species in Mississippi

The bobcat is ubiquitous across the United States and so it is, by default, the wild cat species which will be found in Mississippi.

Bobcat kitten
Bobcat kitten
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Officially this is the only wild cat species to be found in this state but you might see the odd cougar (aka mountain lion, puma) traveling across from the West.

There are some sightings of cougars in the east of the United States where the experts say they should not be found. Although, nobody has reported such a sighting on this website but there have been stories in the online news media about cougars traveling long distances looking for home ranges in the East.

Mississippi shown on map
Mississippi shown on this map shaded in.

Mississippi State University, under the heading “Mammals of Mississippi” refers to a single animal, the American bobcat.

It’s scientific name is Lynx rufus. There are several pages on this wild cat species on this website so if should like to read more and see more then please click on this link.

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