China: Police won’t release rescued domestic and feral cats

Rescue of cats in China
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Rescue of cats in China

This is a dire situation and it highlights the struggle between animal rescue organizations in China, which appear to be proliferating thankfully, and the authorities. This is a consignment of around 800 cats, as I understand it, which have been very recently rescued from a truck bound for the cat meat market by No To Dog Meat. The police won’t release the cats so they can be cared for. They are in cramped cages and dying. Kittens are being born. The police have referred the matter to the Ministry of Agriculture. By they time they get organised it will be too late.

If the video below does not show because the FB code fails to function, this link should take you to it on FB, I hope (it is very short and not that distressing):

Heartbreaking news as we wait on the fate of the cats rescued by our team and Chinese activists less than 24 hours ago. The police have taken the decision to refer this matter to the Ministry of Agriculture and will not release the little ones. We are fighting to get documentation to prove these are pets and that the feral deserve a chance. Rescues do not always have a happy ending but we will not give up. Dozen have died today. Sophie said : "I held babies being born falling from the cates and we unloaded them. Mothers still trapped inside. We had no milk warmth. Hell on earth please pray." Official news on out twitter. International voice is now our only hope. Most activists have to work tomorrow so can't come to site. SHARE!!! #rescue425 . CATS ARE STILL IN THESE CRATES. They will not let us and the local activists in any more .

Posted by No To Dog Meat on Sunday, April 26, 2015

No To Dog Meat was founded by Julia de Cadenet. They have a strong Facebook presence.

It is heartbreaking story. It is not a surprising story though. I have visited China, albeit more than 30 years ago and it is very bureaucratic. The air is heavily polluted in parts of the country.

The internet has raised awareness to the dog and cat meat trade. There are no animal welfare laws in China the last time I checked. To be honest I don’t know on what grounds this rescue organization have the right to seize this shipment of cats. From a moral and common sense standpoint they have all the rights in the world but from a private enterprise standpoint in China, these cats are just free livestock being harvested. I don’t understand what the attitude of the authorities is to these heroic people working on the front line in animal rescue in China and on what basis they make decisions.

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  1. ~ UPDATE ~
    I’m so gawd dam angry,babies have died,the photos are horrible!
    The government Agri department set the majority of the cats free sick and ill they now remain somewhere.

    Please help if ye can,they are needing traps and other items to help recatch the cats the Police released into the country side,sickens me they did that because alot of the cats are pets with collars on!

    Say No To Dog Meat made a direct donation to the Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline of some $90.00 to help the strays and any feral cats the Asian activists have helped to re-capture.
    On contacting the Police late last night and being hurled abuse at we was told that the cats would not be handed over as proof of ownership could need to be seen.

    As the cats in Shanghai were mostly if not all feral the government agricultural department ordered they be released into the countryside.

    I had this translated!

    Jiashan cut cat car – live coverage of the three ] Jiashan intercepted transport truck cat , cat stranded at the scene, an urgent need to support

    About 181,000,000 results (0.37 seconds)
    Search Results


    425 relief boxes down nearly 41 cats , animal inspection and quarantine procedures will start today , estimated time of 21 days , which is an action fight consumption , animal protection and volunteers , please be psychologically prepared.
    At present, all the news spread , the ” buried alive” , there are cat traffickers operate behind the cat’s back , and so I would urge patience exact message .
    Yesterday the team and volunteers have donated part of the cat cage , but the number is not enough, cat food , water, tents and other supplies are lacking , I hope you will support ! International animal protection organizations have also come to the scene to help. This time, we must defeat the cat traffickers , long ambition I move grantor !

    Tragic scene , has been born more than 20 small milk cat, picture yesterday issued three spent his arm trying to touch her mother dead child, visibly moved. Cat in a small cage , hunger, disease , and death in closer. . . Please extend your hand to support our rescue action!
    Need your support , support , Address: Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed exit Feng Jing , Feng Jing to the direction of the town , the town had a post- Shanghai Fengjing industry for about 5 minutes. Cats parked position shown below , illegal car parking lot , volunteers but also to weitang police station.

    The bailout led by the Shanghai Animal Protection line , commander : pro Yang Qin
    Shanghai Animal Protection New Energy Leader: Meng Kai
    Attachment: Notice on Further Strengthening the dog and cat quarantine supervision of origin (the connection has been established , please click to enter )

    ***** Cat black chain to combat trafficking , promoting animal protection legislation *****
    Join our team : add QQ group 336,807,883 , interest @ Shanghai Animal Protection line microblogging. If you think of the force , to join our team now.
    Cats need to cut the car in addition to volunteer to fight in the front line with the cat traffickers , we also need financial support, each cat car cut costs ( fares , fuel costs , communication expenses ) of approximately $ 4,000 , mainly raised by the team, hope insight helped us , we are committed to the internal accounts separate accounting and treasury , according to authority records and published accounts , please give us confidence.
    [ Love cats , save the cat , please help turn out ]

  2. This feels hopeless to me, and I wonder what actual rights animal activists have in China. This is an example of our cultural differences, and I understand how these cats can be seen as a free food source.

    We in America, eat animals that are pets: rabbits, pigs, goats, lambs, cows, and chickens. As a child in the 40’s I ate horse meat once, in spite of the fact that I loved horses, and my uncle had one. I had no hesitation, because it was served, and we were poor and hungry.

    Aside from this situation, it makes me wonder if I were starving, would I eat a cat? (mine or another) I realize it’s hard to predict our behavior in life or death scenarios. I could imagine a mother or father giving their life for a child; we know there are cases where people risked their lives for an animal.

    What are your thoughts on this improbable, but possible scenario?

  3. The old Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles” comes to mind. Breeding so fast that they were falling out of every corner and crevice too. If I’m not mistaken, I believe they destroyed them all by teleporting them into empty space (using the humane “death by hypoxia” method) to stop the exponentially-growing infestation. Done in order to preserve what was left of their now greatly diminished grain-stores for humans. It’s just a matter of time until humanity realizes that cats are real-life Tribbles — them or us — and we’ll all be forced to do the same.

    Ah, according to Wikipedia, they solved the problem by transporting them to a Klingon ship, where they’d have no problems destroying them all — humans shirking their duties to kill an invasive pest, making them someone else’s problem (sound familiar?), and proving just how spineless and irresponsible that humanity now truly is.


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