Woman blames her sex change for neglecting her cats

Two cats belonging to Julie-Ann Greenwood have been permanently taken from her because she neglected them for a long time such that they suffered with terrible flea infestations causing one of her cats to become partially bald. Greenwood served in Iraq (not sure in what capacity but probably in the military). She is 53-years-of-age and wheelchair bound. She has also undergone a sex change which I have to presume (because it is not fully reported) that is was from male to female. She suffers from PTSD and formerly worked for a security business.

Starlight is a neglected cat with a flea infestation

Starlight is a neglected cat with a flea infestation. Photo: Chronicle Live – the source of this story.

Greenwood blames the sex change for neglecting her cats, Starlight and Sapphire. Starlight is the cat who became partially bald due to fleas. She also red had skin and scabs. It sounds as if she developed a flea bite allergy and has grooming her fur off in large chunks. It will take a long time for her to recover despite first class care and treatment.

Greenwood is on welfare benefits and she said that she did buy flea collars for her cats. Comment: too little too late it appears.

It is said that she loves cats and has lived with cats for 15 years. She was overwhelmed by her personal situation, her lawyer said in defence. She faces being banned from keeping animals in a court hearing. She pleaded guilty and will be sentenced on December 6th. She lives in Wallsend, UK.

Comment: it is the first time I have heard a sex change used as an excuse for neglecting cats which is why I am reporting it. The neglect occurred over a long time and there was plenty of opportunity to take action. The suffering by her cats was apparent by the obvious poor state of their coats. So no excuses can really be accepted although one is sympathetic about her mental health and hopeful that she improves.


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