Cat Dignity – Human Shame

What a wonderful little fella he is! I think this picture of an adorable kitten, named Justin, is brilliant but, of course, it is very sad and upsetting. However, his demeanor and proud stance seems to make things better except for the terrible behavior of the people who hurt him. He is still very ill.

Justin was severely burnt when someone, or a group of nasty people, put an inflammable liquid over Justin and set it alight.

Despite the trauma of that experience he retains great dignity and poise, which comes across in the photo. This is the opposite to the nasty, sneaky criminal behavior by the humans who thought it would be amusing to hurt or kill a cat. There is a real contrast in behavior. There really is something rotten at the heart of humanity.

Burnt but still dignified and handsome Justin
Justin: burnt but still dignified and handsome. I believe the photo is by Ed Murray/ Star Ledger. I have taken the extreme liberty of publishing it here. If someone has something to say about that please leave a comment and you will receive a rapid and helpful response.
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Below is a video. I am almost forced to include a still photo because videos so often disappear when embedded because the source disappears over time for whatever reason.

Justin was rescued by someone who put the flames out (well done indeed). The organisations involved in his recovery etc are:

  • Animal Alliance of New Jersey – caring
  • Crown Veterinary Specialists – veterinary care
  • HSUS – reward to find the perpetrator
  • Pennsylvania SPCA  – searching for perpetrator.

Great team effort. There are plenty of good people out there but there really is something wrong at the heart of humankind.

I realise that some people don’t like reading about cat abuse and cruelty. I agree with that. I have made an exception in referring to this story because of the exceptional photograph of a very dignified and proud little cat who has survived the worst that humans can throw at him. I wish him good luck in making a full and quick recovery.

11 thoughts on “Cat Dignity – Human Shame”

  1. The people who did to this little kitten will go to hell. it is a such a shame they have to understand that we are humans we have something call humanity.
    This act is against the humanity the way we live and the same way they have right to live people have to understand that. Cats are very innocent and sweet they are harmless we have to help them

  2. May God have mercy on their souls, for I would want to do to them what was done to the innocent cat (or ANY animal).

  3. His expression reminds me of Gigi. Very similar. I agree its an amazing photo. I hope the kids who did this suffer miserable lives full of pain and anguish starting when they get caught.

  4. Poor little Justin! How can anyone be so cruel, I hope those who did it are trapped and burned alive with no one to rescue them!
    He’s such a beautiful boy, just look at those eyes, they have seen it all already at his young age.
    I hope he recovers quickly and has a wonderful home and a long happy life without suffering too much trauma from the insane cruelty done to him.
    i am ashamed to be a human being at times and after seeing that little kitten in that state one of those times is right now!


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