Cat Picture Gallery Mid Oct

This is another cat picture gallery of some of the best cat pictures in the public domain¹. One of them is not of a cat as it happens. It is a picture of a sign posted up by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Sounds boring but when you read it you’ll see that it reinforces what I and the regular visitors have been saying for a long time on PoC, which is that habitat destruction due to human activity has a direct impact on the populations of certain bird species. Bird conservationists like to blame the cat, domestic, stray or feral for declines in bird populations. Cats are easy targets. Humans don’t like to criticize themselves but people are by far the biggest bird killers. It is indirect and almost invisible and people are blind to it.

These are thumbnails. If you click on the picture you’ll go to a larger format version that is fully formatted and some words.

Note 1:  If a picture is not in the public domain as assessed please tell me in a comment and I’ll remove it promptly.

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