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  1. lol I love the pics of Midnight and Lilly screaming too. I don’t think out of the thousands of pics we have of our cats we have even a single one screaming (or singing lol)

  2. Grandma Elisa did NOT have permission to show me off when I’m not posing being beautiful! But since she’s an antique and old people forget things, I’ll let it slide this time.

    Here’s what I look like when I don’t get RUDELY awakened from a nap. Grandma has also posted pictures of me tryin to sleepy, after a bath when I had a poopy butt from the distemper and also when I’m tryin to hold paws with my cat husband Brinkley.

    Beware of Elisa. She’s sneaky…


  3. It shows that you get his teeth cleaned. If he is beyond fifteen yrs, I would not subject him to that again. If he loses a few, sobeit. Let him. Those canines are the bomb, as you know–he doesn’t need them, except to tear through raw meat. And then, hopefully, no more tears to his tongue on that side. Why doesn’t the right side (assuming that this is not reversed image) have a slash on that side of the tongue? Am I mistaken, Michael? Please educate me. 🙁

  4. I tried to follow her, but she disappeared, she vanished. It seem that she wanted to be alone. This has never been the case with my other cats that died of old age? They wanted me to hold them, stroke them, coo. And tell them how much I loved them

  5. I’m going to go feed my heirloom beefsteak tomatoes now. My Muckylucky finally wants to accompany outside to the garden. I hoe that this isn’t a sign. Her Mother, Oliver, howled until i let her outside last Fall; she never came back.

  6. lol what a good photo!
    It looks to me as if Charlie has bitten his own tongue or wounded it somehow, maybe caught it on a claw when washing?
    I’d just keep an eye on it Michael and make sure it heals up OK.

    • Good thought. He eats fine and shows no sign of distress or discomfort. He looks wild and dangerous here. He is cute and neither wild nor dangerous! As Harvey says, the domestic cat is one click from a wild cat and it is true. It is what makes them interesting and cats.

    • He caught it on his Canine lower left. It will heal, hopefully, just fine without any human interference.
      Ruth, come on, you know this stuff better than anybody that I know. -Am I missing something? pls tell me.
      🙂 I trust your judgement, above anybody’s, blv me.

    • Ruth, what do you think about Charlie’s laceration? I think that he might need to have his canines filed down abit. And then coated with an epoxy… ?

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