How did the photographer get Ragdoll cat Benjamin Button to stay on Taylor Swift’s shoulders in the Time POY image?

Taylor Swift and Benjamin Button

The photograph by a couple of celebrity photographers of the world’s top celebrity currently, Taylor Swift, with her Ragdoll cat, Benjamin Button, draped over her shoulders like a scarf, has caught the world’s attention. It was captured for Time Magazine to celebrate Taylor Swift being named as their Person of the Year. Great work. …

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Creepy pictures of a Sphynx cat in a wig and dress

Spooky Sphynx in woman's clothes and wig

These are just plain creepy. Creepypasta comes to mind. They were brilliantly set up and taken by a very clever photographer who I believe is the cat’s caregiver. They have a very mysterious mood. But at this time, I don’t know the photographer’s name. The photos come from a much-retweeted tweet on Twitter. Someone …

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