Chester Snuggles up to George

Thanks to Marion and Ruth we have this new picture of Chester with his friend George (uploaded to a comment by Ruth). Not only is it an excellent photograph, it is also an uplifting story of cat rescue.

The photo – by Marion – shows a scene that is a million miles away from a tub of black oil that Chester was pushed into by callous youths – an act of cat cruelty of the worst kind that almost killed him. We must thank again the anonymous gentleman who saved his life.

For newcomers this page summarises Chester’s story (with link to previous pages).

His recovery is wonderful to see. Marion of Cats Protection is looking after him. It is a very positive story. These are important stories.

Chester a rescued stray cat who was cruelly abused
Chester (small cat) and George — Photo by Marion
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Thanks Marion and Ruth.

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22 thoughts on “Chester Snuggles up to George”

  1. Chester is a mad cat runs around like a lunatic creating mayhem while all the while making the oddest noises i ever heard and I have heard a lot of cat noises πŸ™‚

    1. Cat noises interest me πŸ˜‰ The trouble is they are impossible to record because you don’t know when it will happen. Charlie (my cat) makes strange sounds. Siamese-like yowls and he barks sometimes!

      1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        Monty is predictable with his loud meows asking to go out in the morning. I should stop being so lazy and get a recording. My husband calls him “Squeaky.”

        1. ha ha – ‘squeaky’ – I can imagine it. I also have a permanent image etched in my brain of a man(Jeff) holding Monty whilst taking a leak in the bathroom – much to Monty’s dismay πŸ™‚

        2. I have an old fashioned tape recorder that is noise activated. I might try that. Keep it turned on and near Charlie then when he meows the tape recorder will catch it. Then transfer the recording to hard drive. The last bit is the tricky one. I’d like other people to hear his voice and the various sounds he makes.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            I’d love to hear Charlie’s voice! I’d love to record our Walters ‘bark’ to share too.
            But trying to record a cat is a nightmare lol I found the record facility on my mobile phone at last and tried to record Jozef’s sneezy cough for the vet but by the time I set it up it was over lol
            Thankfully between us Babz and I managed to do a fair impression of it when we took him in and the treatment must be right as he’s stopped doing it.
            Getting the tablets down him is a nightmare, I feel for Marion having to dose Chester for so long!

  2. Beautiful photo – wonderful – an orange pile of love, nothing more, nothing less, how I would love to be there in the same room with those two. George looks like Marvin – it would seem he has a new little friend. How wonderful for Chester – I think Chester life will be a good one, what a sweet little cat – what a trooper, a survivor – he carries on to enjoy the quiet pleasures life will now offer him. I wonder if he can stay with George and Marion and Steve – he just seems so comfortable and as simple as that may seem to be, he desrves it and I am sure he appreciates all the more after his fearful ordeal.

    Nothing but nice things – what a lovely moment that is with the 2 of them. Something seemingly so mundane, perhaps even banal to some, but it is filled with so much hope and wonder. We humans pale in comparism to this likes of this little orange cat. We would have all kinds of disorders and permanent problems after such a horror – but although it may be that Chester has something permenent imprinted in his self – in his mind – he is so soon capable of moving on, if only for a moment, but I am sure he is enjoying the happy day and life every cat deserves.

    Good for Chester. It makes me so happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

      I don’t think he does have permanent psychological damage. Humans would, but animals–not so much. Animals live in the moment. The dog whisperer, Cesar Milan, says that the problem with abused dogs often is that humans feel pity for them. It’s that pity that keeps the dogs stuck where they are. Just treat them like any other dog and they recover just fine. So we should just treat Chester like any other cat and try to forget about what happened to him. Humans around him remembering can only hold him back.

      Maybe someone will see Chester and George together and want to take them both. That would be doubly good, because two cats could find homes instead of just one.

      1. If they are friends then they should stay together – at least that’s how my brain functions.

        I would take them both very happily if they could be got here – I’d pay for it but I wouldn’t know how to do it and I don’t have a driving license.

        Just saying πŸ™‚

      2. George is Marion’s own cat though, she also nursed him through a very bad start in life but he was a lucky boy because she kept him.

    2. I was just about to say George looks just like my Marvin! You beat me to I Marc. I do hope they stay together, but the real nightmare is over. Nothing but love from here on out for the little guy.

  3. It’s such a lovely picture, it shows how kind George is to care for Chester and allow him to snuggle up, it shows how well cared for George is himself, and it shows how well little Chester is responding to Marion’s care both physically and mentally as he seems to be quite relaxed there, I think he has got a bit of a tummy and his coat is coming back. I just wonder if Marion will be able to bear to part with him after all they’ve been through together.

  4. So very beautiful together.
    However will Marion be able to rehome Chester now he’s so bonded with George I wonder not to mention bonded with her and her hubby and all.

  5. leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary)

    what a beautiful picture, it brings a tear to the eye. how far that little fella has come from such a hideous early experience. for him to be so content and happy with george, it really is lovely to see. thank you marion and ruth for sharing such a simple but beautiful moment in chesters young life.

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I loved that photo so much when I saw it I just had to share it with the PoC Chester fan club and it’s even better on a new page for everyone to see.
    I love the way his fur is growing back and do I spot a little round tummy now?
    Marion is a star for all the love and care she’s given these two cats and many more besides.

    1. God, you were so right to share it. It is the best photo we have had on PoC for a long time. He is so calm and at home. Love to see that and as you say he is starting to look normal.

      He looks quite rangy – long hind legs. Probably a kitten/young cat thing.

      Marion creates a loving home. So important for a recovering cat.

      1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        That is an awesome photo! While I’m wasting time on the computer instead of getting stuff done at least I’m doing it looking at such an uplifting picture!

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