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Declawing and Devocalization of Cats as a Condition of a Tenancy — 3 Comments

  1. Declawing a cat is not good for cats. It is painful, later in years creates terrible arthritis pain and offers them less protection. Also. They sometimes claw furniture not walls etc. Mine do not claw stuff nor chew. Toys carpet scratch posts or scratch rug houses help. Also cardboard items that are cheap to buy from a store for the scratch purpose.

  2. As a landlord I’d much rather have a clawed cat than a declawed one living in my building. Declawed cats often have litterbox avoidance issues. Which is going to cause more damage and make that flat harder to rent out in the future? Cat’s claws scrarching on surfaces or a pee smell you can’t get rid of? Which will be more of a deal breaker for a future prospective tenant? Besides, with training and some good scratching posts, a cat is not going to be destructive. I bought a used cat tree and spent two days cleaning it for our tenant’s cat. My sister is our tenant, but had it been someone else up there with a cat, I’d have done the same for their cat. Her cat loves it and it ensures his claws get put to good use in a suitable location.

  3. I totally agree. It’s incredible what happens in the world today. Total ignorance I guess is the cause. The landlords probably just don’t have a clue what is involved in declawing. They do probably know its wrong though.

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