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A catio improves a cat's personality

4 Australian cat owner attitudes to domestic cat containment or freedom to roam

My understanding of this study (see base of page) is that there are four reasons why Australian cat owners keep their cats inside their home. And there are five different ways of owning a...

Cat and dog prenup agreements

Cat and dog prenup agreements are a good idea

There is an increase in disputes, in the UK and perhaps in other countries, between divorcing couples over who should keep the cat or dog (and indeed any other companion animal). One possible reason...

Woman pets stray cat causing rabies alert

Woman claims $250,000 compensation for cat bite

Bend, Oregon, USA: The first thing to note is that it is possible and practical to claim compensation if a cat owned by another person bites you and the bite causes serious injury, pain...

wild or domestic are protected the law in the UK

Law on killing wild animals UK

The law on killing wild animals in the UK is similar and perhaps sometimes the same (depending on the circumstances) as killing domestic animals such as domestic cats. I wrote about the law on...

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