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  1. Vent and move on. If you actually read any of the articles on the blog you would see that is one of the main themes covered time and time again. I’m sorry that someone offended you today and you feel you need to take it out on us. What more can I say.

  2. While you have managed to drive your one-and-only native cat species to extinction with your own invasive species pet cats. Not counting all the thousands of other native species that you’ve already made extinct.


    “Essentially the Highland wildcat is being eradicated by an alien invasive species: the domestic cat.”

    Go ahead, let more of your man-made, selectively bred, vermin cats roam free. What do you care about even your OWN native animals.

    You people are certainly no role-models for the rest of the planet. That’s absolutely certain.

    You care about native cat species in other countries but could care less about your own.

    Blatant and bald-faced hypocrites much? Then you wonder why you are so disliked and despised across the globe.

    • You make a mass of assumptions in your comment. You have presumed that I don’t care about the demise of the Scottish wild cat. Of course I do. The initil problem with the Scottish wild cat occurred hundreds of years ago in the UK when it was hunted. Now it mates with domestic cats producing hybrids. I know all about the Scottish wildcat. By the way, I have never proclaimed that the UK is better than any other country:


      I think it is horrible what has happened to the Scottish wildcat.

      I am not a hypocrite. You should not be so impolite.

      Also you presume that the British are dispised everywhere. Where did you get that idea from? It simply is not true. If it was we would not have so many immigrants coming to the country 🙂 By the way the human is the worst alien species. You are a classic example. At one time there were no humans in North America. The human is a non-native species in America and the most damaging to wildlife by far.

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