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The Cat is Unfairly Blamed for Many Things — 6 Comments

  1. Some of us are born understanding animals,some of us evolve in our lifetime to do so,but sadly some never do understand them and they are the ones destroying our world and killing our wild life.
    Not God to blame,not those of us who have evolved to blame,not animals to blame,the blame lies with the ignorance of too many humans.

  2. Mankind is so blind, we (but no POC member included) are so arrogant as to assume superiority over every other species, we manipulate and modify animals, decide their fates, hunt them, eat them, kill them off entirely and then we blame the animals! We are in fact like a bad government, it’s time the animals rose up and revolted against us and who could blame them if they did!

    • One day, in 1000 or 10,000 years humankind will look back at 2013 and think, WTF to use modern internet language. What is interesting is that some people do see the light and understand animals and their role in the world. Yet billions of people and the majority of people on the planet still don’t get it because if they did understand we would not have so much animal cruelty and abuse and neither would the wild species populations be decimated. Humankind is not yet able to call itself civilised and educated.

  3. Exactly Michael! The human species is to blame for all the troubles in this world and for the problems the environment is facing and for all the species of animals and birds becoming extinct.
    But many can’t see that, they are too arrogant and selfish.
    Sadly, soon it will be too late to stop this tragedy, if it isn’t already!

    • Thanks Ruth. I know we think alike on these things. It annoys me when cat haters and bird conservationists and scientists show bias and blame the cat first for something while totally ignoring the root source – people, and other far more obvious causes to problems. The cat is a scapegoat. An easy target for blame.

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