Community cat caretaker at trailer park tormented by evil jerk who traps and allegedly shoots them

RIP Mr. D White - Another victim of the trap and destroy and trap and dump efforts by the evil people of lot 7 and the heartless park owners

There is a trailer park in Lebanon County, PA. It’s called the Bunker Hill Trailer Park in Swatara Township. They have their community cats. A kind and generously sensitive lady looks after the cats and she is going through torment … please continue reading

Feral cats preying on Leadbeater’s possum; balanced headlines required

Feral cat hounding a Leadbeater's possum

We need balanced headlines on the story about feral cats preying on the rare and endangered Leadbeater’s possum, a tiny creature living in ‘tall wet forests of Victoria’s Central Highlands’. leads with a disturbing headline ‘Evidence that feral cats … please continue reading