Without Consultation Hotel Removes Colony of Cats from Adjacent Park

Without Consultation Hotel Removes Colony of Cats from Adjacent Park

There is often a silent battle between TNR volunteers and hotels. It is played out on the ground and on Facebook. Once again, this is a story of the silent battle, replete with dirty tricks, between feral cat colony caretakers … please continue reading

Birds Are Not More Important Than Cats

Birds are not more important than cats

Libby Watson writing on splinternews.com coins a term which I like: birdheads. It’s a derivation of ‘petrolheads’ (car lovers) and it is very apt. It applies to ornithologists and people such as Jonathan Franzen, an American novelist and essayist, who … please continue reading

Should America’s wild horses be turned into burgers?

Mustangs of America's West

There is a similarity between dealing with fell horses and feral cats. It is said that there are too many feral horses in the American West. Some people want to kill them and sell their meat as burgers while others want to control their reproduction. Some want to kill feral cats and some want to stop their reproduction. please continue reading

Housing Cooperative Dismantled Feral Cat Shelters in Authorized Colony

Feral cat colony protected by the authorities

This is a not unfamiliar battle between business and cat colony caretakers. It concerns a housing cooperative which wanted to develop land on which the cat colony lived. The feral cats are well managed and the colony is authorised by the local authorities. The housing cooperative dismantled cat shelters in a revenge attack as their plans were thwarted. please continue reading