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I love barn cats. It seems natural to me. They live in that middle ground between domestication, living in the polished home, and a wild cat existence outside. The modern day barn cat is as close as we can get to the original domestic cats of over 9,000 years ago. The picture below shows classic, scruffy, tabby barn cats who are buddies:

Classic barn cats
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There are some stunning barn cats and barn cat pictures. Another aspect of the barn cat that I appreciate is that they do a service in catching rodents – perhaps not all of them do! I am sure this improves the relationship between the human being and the cat. It seems to make the relationship more balanced. I would expect that barn cats are fairly safe. They have cover and access to proper cat food, I would expect. Some time ago I suggested that feral and/or unwanted cats be shipped out to farms so they could both have a home and be of service. I know this happens sometimes. Although it is probably difficult to manage a relocation such as this.

Barn cat and young coaw friend

Farm animals can befriend barn cats as above.

Below is calico cat –  a female, as they are nearly always female. The color and pattern is stunning against the background of the straw.

The next picture is quite extraordinary. It reminds me of those monkeys in the steaming hot springs in the snow. This shaggy super long haired cat hardly looks like a barn cat.

Barn cat in snow
Barn cat in snow

The next one shows barn kittens. I desperately want to hug and take them home and look after them for the rest of their lives. They are adorable and oh, so vulnerable. They are a bit dirty and need some TLC, it seems to me.

Barn kittens
Barn kittens

The next barn cat picture puts the cats firmly in context. You can’t mistake these barn cats for anything else.

What about the next one. A wow cat picture. I recently presented some cat and horse pictures. Well here we have a relationship that probably had to happen: cat and cow. They look very content together.

What makes a good barn cat?
No need to heat the barn

There are many more but I think I’ll stop there. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the cat with the cow. Just gotta take her away and make her life complete. That is an emotional response. She is probably fairly content, already. As I said, I think barn cats in the right place should be living a fairly good life provided the farmer makes sure they get prompt veterinary treatment when necessary. That last point may be a problem area. Perhaps farmers have a tendency to not treat animals quite as sensitively as a good cat caretaker in the city.

One cat is famous for originally being a barn cat (if you believe cat history); the Maine Coon. The Maine Coon was a barn cat in America for 250+ years until a farmer thought he would show off his long haired cats at a farm show, which was the first step to stardom for this very popular purebred, pedigree cat.

Do you have a personal experience with respect to the quality of life of barn cats. I’d be interested to hear.

Note: These picture were embedded from Pinterest but Pinterest broke the links so these are now uploaded to this site. Pinterest do not provide credits so neither can I, which I regret. The entire business model of Pinterest is built on breach of copyright. Therefore I feel free to do likewise if these pictures are copyright protected.

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  1. The stable I boarded my horse at had several barn cats which were friendly to both people and equines alike. I saw a cat sitting on my horse’s back when he was in his stall many times. He enjoyed the company. I’m all for barn cats as long as they receive regular veterinary attention, shots, de-fleaed regularly, and are spayed/neutered. Just because they are working cats, they deserve to be treated well. Not to mention fed regularly.


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