Barn Cat program: Group of feral cats who survived Camp Fire available for adoption in Sacramento

According to a report by CBS13 Sacramento, barn cats will be available for adoption in Sacramento starting on Saturday, January 19. A group of feral cats from Butte County who survived the Camp Fire is currently at the Bradshaw Animal … please continue reading

Fined for feeding: ‘They live in the yard. I consider them mine so I’ll plead not guilty’

A Palmerton, Pennsylvania resident who has been feeding two male cats who live in her yard will be going to court for an ordinance violation. “Sandy” has cared for the neutered cats not knowing she was in violation of Palmerton … please continue reading

Newly amended TNR ordinance will require careful monitoring of feral cats by colony caregivers

A newly amended ordinance benefiting feral cats was introduced Tuesday by the Kilgore, Texas City Council. It will require careful monitoring of feral cats by colony caregivers. The TNR program will allow Animal Control Officer Bobby Jumper to released vaccinated … please continue reading

Social media rumor: Butte County cats rescued after California fires labeled as ‘ferals’ will be killed Monday

Information going around on social media concerning the cats brought in to Butte County Animal Control in Oroville, California after being rescued from the California wildfires has caused an uproar. Judging from several posts over the last hour (which are … please continue reading

Knoxville City Council decided to authorise a trap, neuter, vaccination, return program

Janet Testerman

Councils across America sometimes struggle with the decision to authorise TNR programs or go with trapping and euthanising. Knoxville City Council has just gone through that process and they passed 7-2, on first reading, an ordinance which puts their seal … please continue reading