Killed too soon: Sampson County Animal Shelter fined $4,800 by state of NC for multiple violations

According to a March 23 report on, Sampson County Animal Shelter faces a $4,800 fine issued by the state of North Carolina after 15 animals were killed too soon, including eight cats. The state required a 72-hour holding period. … please continue reading

Rogue Animal Control officer seizes nine feral cats from backyard. 7 are euthanized.

Rogue animal control officer seizes 9 feral cats from private property

This is the disturbing story of an Animal Control officer employed by Hays County, Texas, USA, who apparently entered upon private property where nine ear-tipped, neutered, feral cats were living and seized them. He took them to an animal shelter: … please continue reading

Discussion: The ‘vacuum effect’ and new cats replacing a removed colony of ferals

TNR'ed and vaccinated feral cat gets rabies and bites person

This article is a discussion on the ‘vacuum effect’ and feral cats. I invite those of you active (or retired) with real TNR (trap, neuter, return) experience to comment on whether your colony cats keep other cats run off, or, … please continue reading

Without Consultation Hotel Removes Colony of Cats from Adjacent Park

Without Consultation Hotel Removes Colony of Cats from Adjacent Park

There is often a silent battle between TNR volunteers and hotels. It is played out on the ground and on Facebook. Once again, this is a story of the silent battle, replete with dirty tricks, between feral cat colony caretakers … please continue reading

Australians and New Zealanders Need to Do a Study on Abandoned Domestic Cats

Find out how many cat owners in Australia are abandoning cats

I think it might be useful if the New Zealand and the Australian authorities did a study on the number of abandoned cats in their countries as a means to assess whether they need to take proactive steps to prevent the creation of feral cats rather than just focusing on eliminating them. please continue reading