On feral cats, property management companies should learn from Disneyland

Paying public want to photograph the Disneyland cats

In America, and in other developed countries, property management companies i.e. businesses managing apartment complexes acting on behalf of the freeholder, have a tendency to consider feral cats as a nuisance and as animals who spoil the amenity of what are often high value residential estates. They think that the cats spoil the appearance …

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The Abduction of Mr No Ears A Well-Known Feral Cat in Portugal

Mr No Ears

“Mr No Ears” is a famous semi-feral cat who used to live in a well-known colony of cats, the Peneco Beach Colony, in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal. The colony was under the protection of the Albufeira Municipality. The colony was cared for by a registered street-cat charity called Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve (AGA). They …

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Happy Ending of a Semi-feral McDonald’s Cat Saved by Indiana Rescue and Facebook Cat Advocates

This is the happy ending story of a semi-feral cat, a McDonald’s fast food establishment and a group of cat advocates who got help quickly for a critically injured cat. Without everyone coming together, an innocent cat would have died a slow and painful death after he became the victim of a car fan …

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