Big Cats Limited Editions

Pip McGarry 'The Lion King'
Pip McGarry ‘The Lion King’. Published here with his express permission.
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This page is dedicated to big cats limited editions. Two well-known artists have kindly agreed to let me publish a small selection of their work on this page.

Pip McGarry – International Wildlife Artist

pip macgarry persian leopard

Pip has an international reputation as one of the leading painters of big cats and African game. Pip’s big cats limited editions are popular. And his originals are being sought after by collectors – prices have risen accordingly. He is based in the UK although travels widely.

Not only is Pip an artist of distinction he has “raised thousands of pounds for various wildlife causes”, including the Dambari Field research Station for Black Rhinos in Zimbabwe, Save the Tiger and the Epulu Okapi Game Reserve in Zaire.

Pip is self-taught and works with oil paints. Pip clearly loves the wildlife of Africa and organises field trips and camping safaris into remote game reserves of Africa to teach the painting of wildlife.

The painting featured top right is “Persian Leopard” and is sold out (no surprise). pip macgarry persian leopardBoth these big cats limited editions are “canvas giclee”

In recent years “giclee” as a fine art term has come to be associated with fade resistant archival inks produced by the best quality ink jet printers. Giclee is an invented term for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using the ink jet printing process. “Giclee” originates from the French word “gicleur”, which means “nozzle” (i.e. the nozzle of the ink jet cartridge)

You can read his full biography and see his work by clicking on this link.

He is published by a major fine art publisher DeMontfort Fine Art, Europa Way, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9NW Telephone: +44 (0) 1543 412600. Telephone them for prices and availability

Tiger by Richard Brown
Tiger by Richard Brown. Published here with his permission.

Richard Brown

Richard Brown drawing of a tigerRichard Brown is an artist who is highly skilled at creating photo-realistic drawings using graphite pencils and paper. Simple tools producing super high-quality images.

Although Richard takes inspiration from a wide range of subject matter although I have focused on his big cats limited editions. I think they are great images.

Richard studied at the Baxter Lake Fine Arts Academy. His work is held in private and corporate collections.

He has a passion for working in graphite pencil and loves black and white images for their timeless beauty.

Richard Brown artist drawing of tiger in water

Richard sells copies of his drawings. The size is 8.5″ by 11″ on 110lb acid free cardstock. The print run is limited to 100 copies of each piece. All are individually signed and numbered. The price….$40 USD inc. shipping and handling.

He draws a lot more than big cats! He lives in Midland, Ontario, Canada.

There are links on his site to other talented artists some of whom create drawings of cats and animals.

P.S. In the UK, David Shepherd does great big cat limited edition prints. I should know I have some.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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  1. Hi , I own 2 limited edition prints of the artist pip mc Garry, 1 being the Persian leopard and 1 of the jaguar. They are both numbered signed and frames. I am looking to sell them as they were an inheritance. They are very large and are framed with a printed description on the back of the picture. I live in Jersey Channel Islands . Please are you able to give me a valuation and maybe inform me a name of any business which could be interested. Thank you Lesley Piziura .

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