Big obese British Shorthair and baby

Okay babies are little people but this cat – a blue British Shorthair by their appearance – dwarfs the child. Not only is the cat big boned but also very obese. A bit of a monster really but interesting nonetheless partly because of the symmetry in their sleeping positions. British SHs are not meant to be this big. Domestic cats normally like babies. And despite some old wives tales about cats sucking the breath from babies, cats are good for babies and children. Research indicates that children develop a resistance to allergies if they have close contact with domestic cats as babies. The concept is that when babies are exposed to potential allergens their body develops a coping mechanism which carries through into adulthood.

Big British Shorthair cat and sleeping baby
Big British Shorthair cat and sleeping baby. Image: Pinterest (cleaned up).
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When I see cats and babies I also think of pregnant moms, some of whom believe that they have to relinqusih their cat companion to remove the possibility of being infected by toxoplasmosis. The risk is genuine but very small and what risk there is can be eliminated by taking sensible precautions. I’d advocate that all pregnant moms do not give up on their family cat but find sensible solutions so that they can continue to live in harmony and safety.

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  1. I agree the children should be exposed to pet hair while young. My son’s wife keeps a meticulous house and they have never had pets. The oldest is 10 and can’t be around any dogs or cats without an asthma inhaler.

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