In Taiwan newly registered pet cats outnumbered newborn babies (2023)

Taiwanese couples appear to be adopting pets particularly cats rather than having a baby

In what I would consider to be a developed world trend, in Taiwan newborn pet cats outnumber newborn babies (2023). The Taipei Times reports that “as of last year, Taiwan had 94,544 registered pet dogs and 137,652 pet cats, the data showed. By contrast, 135,571 babies were born last year.” My research indicates that …

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Cat locked out of bedroom defecates and pees on the living room sofa and is called an ‘asshole’

Cats and babies in harmony together

Here is a very typical “bad cat behaviour problem”. And, in reality, it is not a bad cat behaviour problem at all but a human-created problem. Husband and wife have a baby and the baby sleeps in the bedroom with them. All very normal. For years the family cat slept in the bedroom with …

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10 mistakes that cat owners make

Respect your cat

This is not a lecture because like anybody else I’ve made all the mistakes in the world regarding cat caregiving. But I made them many years ago and through consistent application have eradicated them (correction: not quite 😎). As long as we strive to improve, people can’t be criticised because we all make mistakes; …

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Cat snuggles up to baby: beautiful and mutually beneficial (supported by science)

Cat snuggles with baby. Beautiful and beneficial

There is a TikTok video on the Internet of a beautiful cat snuggling up to his baby companion. The cat clearly loves this baby. He loves the smell and the contact. The cat is Teddy and the baby is William. It is the kind of video which attracts a lot of attention and this …

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Reason why ‘guardian angel’ cat stops toddler from grabbing balcony railings

Cat acting as mom to this toddler as she has learned the behavior by observation

This is an interesting video because it tells us a lot about the relationship between domestic cats and their owners and the relationship between domestic cats and babies and toddlers in the home. When domestic cats are fully integrated into a family home they can have a relationship that we see in the video …

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Gentle interactions between toddlers and cats are charming

Babies, toddlers and cats

It is time for a bit of cuteness and charm. This video has both and it is also instructional. I was immediately struck by the fact that the young infants interact gently with the cats. It is also very clear that the cats like being around the infants. They interact with them as if …

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