Black cat is about to spend his second Christmas at a rescue centre.

Toby has been described as Britain’s loneliest cat as he is facing a second Christmas without a home of his own after being rescued from a household where there were 46 pets. He is currently in foster care organised by the RSPCA in Canterbury, Kent.

Toby a rescue cat in Canterbury, UK who desperately needs a home of his own
Toby a rescue cat in Canterbury, UK who desperately needs a home of his own. Photo: RSPCA
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He found the shelter difficult and was therefore removed and placed in foster care. He is 11 years old and described as a black cat but, in fact, he is a tuxedo cat with a beautiful white triangular shaped area of fur on his chest.

In total, Toby has spent 332 days in the shelter. The average waiting time there is 28 days. He is a great cat as he is sociable, friendly and also interactive. He has all the usual good domestic cat traits and would make a wonderful companion. Fortunately his carer provides a decent home by the sound of it because he has spent sunny summer days in the garden. He does, however, need a genuine home of his own.

“We’d love to see him in a new home for Christmas, there must be someone out there looking for an older cat for some company.”

Older cats make great companions. They know the ropes and I am sure Toby would settle in well as in the right home he’d be very appreciative.

When he was rescued from what appears to be a cat hoarding situation, he was accompanied by 14 other cats from that home and all the others have since found a new home. That’s a bit sad and I hope somebody picks up on this article and contacts the RSPCA in Canterbury, Kent to adopt him.

Tuxedo cats are not unpopular. I looked after a female rescue tuxedo cat (a cat that I personally rescued from the streets of London) for most of her life and she was a wonderful cat companion to me.

Source: Daily Mail online.


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