Can Cats Isolate People From Each Other?

In Love - photo by Alex Dram

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In Love - photo by Alex Dram

Is it fair to say that under the right circumstances cats can isolate people from each other? If so, it is no fault of the cat. It never can be. I am thinking of a failing relationship between wife and husband as an example. In the film Le Chat starring Simone Signoret, a famous French actress and Jean Gabin an equally famous and talented French actor, the relationship is bound by dependency and love/hate. There are a lot of relationships that are stuck together by dependency and not much else.

One party adopts a cat. The cat becomes the object of affection for one of the parties. In the film it is the husband played by Gabin who has the cat. His love, affection and companionship is directed at and from the cat. She is alienated. She shoots the cat. Pure tragedy. The film Bell Book and Candle the Siamese cat got in the way as well.

Is it fair to say that sometimes in broken relationships the cat (or dog) provides the support for one or other of the couple in the relationship?

I am sure that sometimes where there are dog and cat companions, that there can be a kind of double whammy effect going on. The man finds solace in the dog and the women in the cat. The two are driven further apart.

On a more sensitive note, I wonder if there are some stories out there of women or indeed men, who sleep with their cats on a regular basis. In fact, that is common. I do it. Then a person of the opposite sex arrives on the scene and the bed beckons....Is the cat thrown off the bed? Are the cat's well entrenched and welcome habits discarded for the sake of a possible new partner? Does the new 'other half' dislike the presence of the cat on, or even in, the bed? The possibilities are there. The cat could hinder the development of relationship. Of course this has nothing to do with the cat. But the cat will definitely dislike a disruption of his or her habits.

Cat companions are part of the family. For a single person they are the 'other half' to the relationship. Is there room in there for three?

For a true cat lover it could be argued that nothing should get in the way of their relationship with their cat. And rightly so.

And then there is the often encountered situations where the person offloads his or her gripes and problems on their cat. A cat is a wonderful listener, a sounding board. There are no arguments and cats will think what you want them to think.

The best cat caretakers, though, treat their cat as a cat. They respect them and avoid anthropomorphizing them.

I wonder if anyone has seen or even had such experiences.

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Can Cats Isolate People From Each Other?

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Apr 28, 2010 Me or the cat ?
by: Ruth

I hate films or books with cats in because I worry something bad will happen to the cat as it often does.
Someimes questions come up on Yahoo Answers like 'My new boyfriend doesn't like cats so my cat has to be shut out of the bedroom at night now,he cries at the door as he used to sleep on my bed and my boyfriend gets mad. How can I stop him doing this'
I'm always glad to see replies that say the cat was there before the boyfriend,it's the cat's home, he was there first, ditch the boyfriend,you and your cat deserve better'
Some people think cats have no feelings but my heart aches for cats shoved out like that,they don't understand why and naturally still expect to share the bed. Yes cats should be treated as cats, they like being cats, but that doesn't mean they should be cast aside because some newcomer doesn't like them around.
True cat lovers do put their cats first and I suppose in that way, yes they can become isolated if it comes down to 'choose between me and the cat'
What a lucky escape I had when I was much younger,almost at the altar when I discovered my fiance didn't like cats and I wouldn't be 'allowed' to have any in our home.
No contest, he was dumped there and then lol

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 28, 2010 The Cat
by: Lenore

Our cat is a very huge part of our family and everyone has their own relationship with the cat. It is clear that the cat loves me the most however, because I am the main caregiver.

My husband does NOT like the cat in our bedroom, but when he is not home or away on business, we do sleep together when he is not around. The cat understands this and when my husband is home he sleeps with my sons.

Apr 27, 2010 You answered the question
by: Michael

Joyce, you have answered the question, I think.

Apr 27, 2010 Don't tempt a cat lover
by: Joyce Sammons

My daughters dad once told me "It's me or the cats." I chose the cats. NEVER say that to a cat lover. I think it's the unconditional love of a cat that does it. The cat is easier to live with.

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