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Can I cuddle my cat when pregnant? — 6 Comments

  1. I sent your page to an online archiving service. You know, just in case someone ends-up suing you and you try to delete it after the fact, trying to claim you never posted this deadly pile of lies. It’ll still be too late for you. 🙂

    You can thank me later. LOL

  2. SNUGGLE, SNUGGLE, SNUGGLE!!! Keep the cat!

    Because there are so many options for keeping safe while pregnant with a cat, the thought of abandoning the cat should never enter your mind. Throughout the 1960s, my mom had 3 children with no bad side effects from cat waste. All her cats were indoor/outdoor cats. Dad didn’t clean the litter box. Same with myself.

    The cat shouldn’t be punished on a slim possibly for something the cat can’t control. Keeping the cat indoors should help prevent exposure to the disease.

    So, enjoy your pregnancy and your cat!

    Plus, snuggling with the cat will have beneficial side effects for you, your baby and the cat. She/he will love the baby as his/her own. Just don’t forget to continue to snuggle with the cat after the baby is born to avoid a jealous kitty. That can prove disastrous.

  3. Nice. You just condemned about 10,000 more women to killing their own child this coming year….remainder deleted as rude and irrational…(Admin)

    Note to this moron: F off and sober up.

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