Can I use CBD oil on my cat?

Concerning true CBD oil (not hemp oil) the answer has to be no as at August 2019 unless you see a veterinarian about it first. That’s my opinion. Yours may differ. It appears to be generally safe for cats but there can be adverse effects such as stomach upsets and sedation. How do you know how much to give your cat? You don’t want to accidentally overdose. Also even though you might be able to buy genuine CBD oil online as medical cannabis you might not know much about its quality.

Can I give my cat CBD oil?
Can I give my cat CBD oil?
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Hemp oil versus CBD oil

This is a very confusing area. As I understand it hemp oil does not contain THC or very small amounts while CBD oil contains more THC. Although you can get pure CBD oil with no THC. CBD with some THC may be dangerous to people and therefore to pets. This is an unknown area as far as I know and it certain supports the viewpoint that you can’t use genuine CBD oil on your cat without a vet’s input and a vet who knows these treatments.

There are Hemp oil products available on Amazon and elsewhere but this is not the same as CBD oil (cannabidiol). Hemp oil is treated as a beneficial supplement rather than as a medicine. Hemp oil contains no CBD I am told ( Hemp oil comes from hemp (cannabis sativa plant) seeds while CBD is made from the leaves, flowers and stalks of the same cannabis plant. CBD oil is a medicine in my opinion.

“Unfortunately, we see a number of brands cynically cashing in on the popularity and cannabis trend and even making false claims that their products contain CBD when they contain none…” – Cindy Capobianco, co-founder of Lord Jones (a seller of high quality CBD products).

A search on Amazon for CBD oil for cats brings up a list of hemp oils. I’d suggest that this is misleading. Amazon are not the only business marketing hemp oil as CBD oil.

Perhaps the confusion between hemp and CBD oil is at the root of the problem as to whether it is safe to use on pets. Hemp oil is probably safe for home use but CBD oil needs to be administered under veterinary supervision it seems to me. Wrong? Please tell me and why.

No studies?

The advice from a veterinary website is that there needs to be caution when considering treating cats with true CBD oil. A lot has been said about using CBD oil on cats and I mean CBD not hemp oil. Perhaps these articles have created further confusion between hemp and CBD oil.

But the question in the title is can I use CBD oil on my cat? In other words can a cat owner give her cat CBD oil without seeing a veterinarian because she believes that her cat is in pain or suffering from anxiety or almost many other discomforting illnesses?

I was hoping that after many months of extensive discussions online on the subject of treating ill domestic cats with CBD oil that the public would have access to several well-researched studies which could point us in the right direction. Studies which could tell us whether CBD oil is effective and safe for home treatment. You don’t have to go through a doctor to buy CBD oil for humans. I know someone who uses it to get a better night’s sleep for instance.

But no, I can’t find the information online. I don’t think that it exists which means you really have to go to a vet to be sure about safety when administering CBD oil to your cat. I am sure that there are many cat owners have not done this but there is a risk as I see it.

There is conflicting information about CBD oil as a treatment. For example, Dr Liza Guess at the Ohio State University Department of Veterinary Medicine in Columbus says that the lack of research on the effect of CBD oil on cats makes her unable to recommend it. However, her advice is not dated online so I don’t know when it was made. That said I can’t find studies which satisfy me.

The general gist of the advice online is that CBD oil is pretty safe and effective for humans. It has been over promoted I feel as a magic formula for many illnesses. This may encourage cat owners to try it out on their cat. They may have been successful. If you are on of those people please share your experiences in a comment (I prefer FB comments by the way).

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