Cat and Rat

by Michael
(London, UK)

I love it when different species of animal get on really well. And I am talking about species of animal rather than the human animal. It is a glimpse of how it could be for us in getting along with people of other nations and beliefs!

There are a lot of dog and cat images on the internet. There are many examples of dogs getting on famously with cats. This is because they are both socialised to get on with each other. If a kitten between the ages of 2 – 7 weeks is socialised with a dog and the dog is already socialised or in the process of being socialised the two individuals will get along all their lives and benefit one another. Maybe we can learn from that….!

Here is a really nice example of a cat and rat socialised to be best buddies. The photograph is by the great Helmi Flick, probably the world’s best cat photographer…and rat photographer!

cat and rat caption competition

The cat, by the way is called Lewis, a Maine Coon and the almost hairless rat is Squelch. Fleur is their human companion, the person who brought them to Helmi and Ken for the photo shoot.

During cat photograph sessions it is Ken who “wrangles” the cat. This means getting them into the correct position for the photograph. A cat “tease” is the preferred method. A tease is a stick with an attractive object (to the cat) on the end. It takes a bit of skill to use one. Helmi says that Squelch, the rat, totally disregarded Ken and his tease. Ken Flick has a beard by the way.

Some time ago Helmi said I could, when necessary, mark up her pictures, loathe that I am to do it usually as they are so good. This is a chance staring me in the face to add a caption. Here goes:

cat and rat image and caption

Now here’s the deal. If anyone has a PayPal account and is crazy enough to try, they can add their own caption in a comment and the best one gets a prize…yes a prize.. of $50 or currency equivalent.

Finally, if Helmi sees the above image and accepts it, even likes it you can down load it by right clicking, Save Image and then upload to your blog.

The caption was made using this website:…so you can try and do better if you like.

Bye for now. Best

Michael Avatar

Well Finn did it again…. He took some money off me last time I ran a min-competition and he seems to have done it again with this caption:


I love it. Made me laugh. Thanks Finn for taking the time.

Helmi Flick very kindly had a go too. Here is her caption (
for those who are unsure “diplatory” refers to a preparation that removes hair)….


Phil Bamford has kindly made two captions and I am very impressed with them. Here they are:

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Cat and Rat

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by: sara brown

These are the most amazing pictures i have ever seen. I love cats and will surely share this site on facebook. Love it!

I agree this is a good site and is extremely professionally made. The design and content are both great.

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Michael Avatar

Mar 24, 2011 =)
by: Anonymous

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Mar 14, 2011 Cat and Rat
by: Gerry

You are right. There are a lot of examples of such friendship between cats and dogs, chickens and so on. But as for “relations” between cat and rat – that’s really crazy. I have googled the same cases and realized that some scientists just wrote custom term papers and articles about this. The explain such behavior by absence of some hormones in animal bodies.

Jun 18, 2010 Congrats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Congrats, Phil. I would have voted for the ‘skinny dipping’ too. 🙂

Jun 13, 2010 Many thanks!
by: Phil (London)

Hi Michael,

Well, thank you very much! I can’t remember the last time I won a competition, so it’s brightened my day… (By the way, I should say that it’s not been my first visit to the site..!).

All the best,


Jun 13, 2010 Competition for Cat and Rat Comment
by: Helmi

LOVE the “skinny dipping” balloon comment! That’s the winner in my book. Good for you, Phil!

Jun 12, 2010 Phil Bamford
by: Michael

I have decided to award the $50 prize to Phil Bamford if you have a PayPal account. Phil, I have emailed you and await your response.

The reason for choosing Phil? He submitted two! And it is Phil’s first visit.

I think, though that credit goes to Finn for promoting this mini-comp. Sorry Finn!

Jun 06, 2010 Come on, guys
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Thanks Michael, but I’d actually rather see some more captions and not win than the other way around. Come on, guys… 😉

Jun 06, 2010 Finn
by: Michael

Hi Finn, thanks for taking the time to create a caption that is far better than mine! I have added the pic and caption to the page plus a comment.

I’ll wait one week. If nothing better comes up (or nothing at all), you have the prize.

Please remind me of your PayPal account – send it to me by email if you like.

Michael Avatar

Jun 06, 2010 Here’s my ‘Lewis & Squelch’
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Well, since nobody else will, let me have the first go and see whether I can pull some more money out of Michael’s pockets… 😉

Using the link proved a little troublesome (at least on my system), but the picture is here:

and of course also in the links section of my own page

Finn Frode avatar

Jun 04, 2010 This is so exciting!
by: Lewis

Helmi sent an email to me on my facebook page about this contest . . . this is so cool . . . my pet human, of course, is all excited too . . . she loves to have pictures of us shown off! And you guys are right – Helmi is the best cat photographer ever – I had lots of fun posing for her!

Jun 03, 2010 Thanks
by: Michael

Thanks Helmi for letting me have a bit of fun. I think the photo is great and it does lend itself to a speech bubble. Although just about anyone could do better than me!

Jun 03, 2010 Lewis and Squelch
by: Helmi

I accept it, Michael! What fun. I’ll have to let Fleur know. These two are becoming famous!

As an aside, Fleur said that Squelch was the instigator of mischief making in their house, so the photo shoot was a real treat for Ken and me.

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